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Dash Sponsors Texas Bitcoin Conference, Dash Force to Speak

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Dash is a sponsor of the upcoming Texas Bitcoin Conference, with Dash Force securing a speaking slot.

Held October 28-29 in Austin, Texas, the Texas Bitcoin Conference will draw dozens of speakers and a host of attendees from around the cryptocurrency world. The event is co-organized by the Crypto Show, a cryptocurrency-related radio show and longtime Dash network partner. Additionally, Dash itself is a silver-level sponsor (with a proposal submitted for treasury funding that is in passing at present), and will have a table present, as well as two Dash ATMs.

According to Danny Sessoms, co-host of the Crypto Show and an organizer of the conference, he is excited about the Dash sponsorship, particularly on the presence of the Dash ATMs:

“I don’t think anyone else is going to have two Dash ATMs on site. In fact I believe we’re the only ones that will have ATMs. Through our silver sponsorship I was able to get table number 17 which is right next to the entrance of the A conference room so we have great positioning.”
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