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Dash NEXT: BIZ Dev, Partnerships, integrations, Marketing & Market entries (Asia&beyond)

Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago is demonstrating in a practical way the possibilities of DeFi for Dash at part 2 of the Cash Alternative TV series. Watch full video here:
Dash NEXT is thrilled to announce that DIA is partnering with us to enable the Dash merchant and developer community access to the broader DeFi ecosystem. The first step towards this goal is the integration of DIA oracles to the Dash platform   as well as making Dash price and data feeds available to Ethereum and other L1 and L2 protocols through DIA’s open-source oracle platform. Read more here: https://medium.com/dia-insights/partnership-with-dash-next-1aeff02d9735

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Dash Next’s partnership and Dash integration with the Vietnamese remittances service provider Cash2VN is a very fruitful one. Dash climbed since the partnership from almost zero in 2020 to over 10% Volume in 2021. Having the second highest growth and leaving also other popular payment coins in total volume behind. See the full statistic here:


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Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago represented Dash at the latest edition of the World Blockchain Summit. The full video panel discussion is finally out. Watch over the video link below:
Dash Next partners with CNETV to foster cryptocurrency adoption and Dash usage in Africa through educational streaming content. CNETV is the first and leading Afircan blockchain and FinTech TV App dedicated solely to disseminating information and knowledge 24hours a day on the recent happenings in blockchain, cryptocurrency, finTech and emerging technologies to the African community and the world at large. Read more here: https://coinnewsextra.com/cnetv-partners-with-dash-next-to-foster-cryptocurrency-adoption-in-africa-through-educational-streaming-content/
Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago is representing Dash at the global Defi App Conference alongside many other great speakers. Get more info about topics and times over the link below and register for free: DefiApp.finance