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Dash NEXT: BIZ Dev, Partnerships, integrations, Marketing & Market entries (Asia&beyond)

Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago speaking about Dash's recent DeFi activities and much more at Nigeria Fintech Week. Have a look and find more details here:
Dash Next is proud to announce our collaboration with Beam. A first step is that Dash will be integrated at the Beam Atomic Swaps lineup in the upcoming Beam wallet Eager Electron 5.2 release in the next couple of weeks. The swaps are both decentralised and private, with no links between the two blockchains. Install simply the Beam wallet, and with a few clicks be ready to swap from and to Dash thanks to the seamless integration with Electrum nodes. Stay tuned for more! https://beam.mw/downloads/mainnet-mac
Dash Next is partnering with OVR to enable Dash the access to the NFT world! OVR is the decentralized infrastructure for the spatial web, merging physical and virtual world through Augmented Reality, creating a new dimension composed by 1.6 trillions of unique hexagons covering the entire globe where everything is possible. Read more about OVR here: https://www.ovr.ai/
Dash Next is driving the DeFi activities of Dash further and further. Watch the recent StakeHound AMA session about the future of Staking and DeFi with Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago and Stakehound CEO Albert Castellana here to learn more
Strategic partners, SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange & Dash Next are extending their efforts after establishing in the last year together massively growing Dash trading volumes on Synchrobit.io especially in the Middle East & North Africa which made Dash to one of the most popular traded coins on SynchroBit™. To thank the great Dash communities in the Middle East & North Africa, SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange is waiving the Dash trading fees for the whole December 2020. Meanwhile both teams are working on more things for the Dash communities around the globe, such as Dash saving plans, trading competitions, Dash DeFi tools & much more. Dashy December to everyone and enjoy 0 trading at SynchroBit™!
Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago is representing Dash at the upcoming Open Business Council Summit, starting on 9th December with over 100+ speakers, including 10 government ministers, plus additional high government officials from 30 countries and leading technology specialists, global personalities, CEOs, industry experts, academics and Universities. Leading to an expected 10,000 people during the summit and over 10 million viewers all over the world throughout the multiple streams. More info here: openbusinesscouncil.org
Dash Thailand is partnering with CU Blockchain Society, the Blockchain arm under the CU Innovation Hub of the Chulalongkorn University - One of Thailand's top leading Universities! This partnership is created to drive Blockchain education, Crypto payments and much more among Universities and students in Thailand.
More great Dashcember News from the Dash Next team! Thanks to our partnership with TradeXSport all Dash users can profit from betting on TradeXSport's current fantasy betting NBA competition starting today with a total prize pool of 10,000$. Dash users / participants will recieve 10% additional $TXH and also earn 1.5x bonus points on top of each selected player for all pre playoff games. For more details about point system and details read here: https://medium.com/@projecttradex/project-tradex-will-be-hosting-battle-of-champions-for-basketball-competition-74ada98fcbc0
Great Dash Next partnership progress with Beam Atomic Swaps

Dash has been added to the Beam Atomic Swap lineup, joining other major cryptocurrencies. The swaps are decentralised and private, with no links between the two blockchains, allowing users to trade without an intermediary.

The seamless integration with Electrum nodes brings with it an ease of use that simply works.

Install the Beam desktop wallet, and with a few clicks be ready to swap! And this is just the beginning! https://beam.mw/downloads2563-12-17 15.11.31.jpg
Merry Christmas to all Dash users, fans, masternodes, co-workers, supporters and partners around the world. Thanks for a great year of 2020 together with a lot of integrations, developments, transactions and education. Enjoy the festive days and stay dashy!
Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago represented Dash at the 4 day Decentralized Finance Global Summit 2020 with thousands of participants daily. Watch him speaking about Dash’s important role in DeFi and much more here:
Happy dashy New Year 2021 to all Dash supporters and partners out there. We had an amazing 2020 and are pumped to go into this new promising year together with you all. Let’s do this!
Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago represented Dash at the CISW Virtual Summit. Enjoy his keynote about payment solutions for the cannabis industry from 4:25:44 onwards
Dash Next & Cryptorefills recap on their 30% Dash redeem campaign. It was an incredible year, with exponential growth in these past months. A special partnership between #DashNext & #CryptoRefills allowed users who redeemed Dash for CryptoRefills loyalty points to gain 30% more value during the campaign. This was beneficial for the community as current Dash users got a better deal and users of other cryptocurrencies were more incentivized to test the speed and reliability of paying with Dash. Roughly one-third of all redeems were for Dash. This is a great result if we consider that not all of these redeemers paid with Dash originally. Furthermore, many redeemers, for their further purchases, paid on CryptoRefills with Dash after redeeming Dash the first time. CryptoRefills confirms that Dash payments have seen a strong growth especially during H2 2020, thanks to the campaign, and due to the need of users to make fast and cheap transactions. CryptoRefills CEO, Massimiliano Silenzi, says: "We registered an 8X growth of Dash transactions over the last 12 months. Currently Dash is one of the fastest and cheapest payment options we offer and is ideal for small and repetitive purchases".
Read more about CryptoRefills www.cryptorefills.com
Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago at the AIBC Europe Virtual Expo about how DeFi is restructuring the financial world as well as the important development and role of Dash especially in this particular field. Watch the full panel here: