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Dash Medellín / Dash Colombia: 12 meetups, 250 new wallets, merchants, remittances & more

Is this project appropriately conceived and ready for DAO funding?

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It is really exciting to see Dash Medellin proposal pass!! Congratulations!!!

Paula and I have become overwhelmed by the response to Dash.red, currently processing over 3100 transactions every 24 hours. The Dash.red mission is evolving as the demands on our time have grown exponentially. We are no longer able to organize community events so THANK YOU George!!!! I have no doubt you will continue to do an exceptional job!
Thanks everyone for your support, especially Edward, who has guided me from the beginning, Mireya, who asked me to take the reins of Dash Medellín and gave me a solid start, Eugenia, who put me in contact with Edward in the first place, solarguy, Criticalinput, Arthyron and argon31 who were early supporters, the masternode owners who commented in my proposal thread, my team members Juan Usuga and Wilmar Toro, and everyone else who gave me words of support along the way, including many members of the Dash Venezuela team, Angel of Dash Argentina and others.

Juan, Wilmar and I are very excited to expand our efforts. We are committed to getting actual results and to being transparent, among many other things.

I've reached out to Dash Watch already to establish a cordial working relationship with them, and I look forward to continuing to build productive, collaborative relationships with other members of the Dash community in service of the goal of expanding the use of Dash digital cash.

Thank you!
Some updates on on Dash in Medellín/Colombia so far:

  1. we've reached a tentative agreement with a currency exchange to trade Dash and accept it preferentially.
  2. we have our first 3 merchants and are working to formalize them and submit them to DiscoverDash
  3. I managed to register dashcolombia.org so we are branding ourselves as Dash Colombia.
  4. I'm printing up 2,000 flyers and we'll be handing them out next week in support of planned remittance (for Venezualeans) and merchant workshops scheduled for later in the month.
  5. we have an event in the planning for Santa Helena, a rural area just outside of Medellín where there is a significant Venezuelan population (perhaps 50 to 100), where we will promote remittances using Dash.
  6. we're exploring a joint event with the currency exchange partner.
  7. Wilmar is too busy to continue in an active role with the team, so for now it is just Juan Usuga and I working full-time on Dash here.
  8. a group I am guiding in Pereira, an important city in the coffee-growing center of Colombia with a population of 500,000, held a meetup a couple weeks ago and is making plans for another one. They will complete for the DFN meetup incentive program.
  9. with one of our merchants, we have an event planned for Jun 21 where we will give $10,000 COP (USD$3.55) in dash to up to 50 individuals we meet while distributing flyers that morning in order to purchase lunch in our merchant's restaurant using dash.
  10. we are working on at least a half dozen other merchants who have expressed interest.
  11. Juan, Samuel Barbosa of Core and I attended a Blockchain Centre Colombia meetup last night in Medellín where all three of us spoke about the benefits of Dash, and I can tell you several attendees were impressed.
  12. we have an informal, dinner-style meetup tonight.

There is more, including video, but those are the most important details for the moment.

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We had an informal dinner meetup last Thu Jun 7 in Medellín where everyone paid for their own meal. Several new people were there and the questions were non-stop for 2.5 hours. 10 people attended in total, we opened a few new wallets and I issued one Dash airdrop.

Dash Colombia had a meetup last night in Medellín where 25 people attended, received a Dash orientation, 12 installed wallets and recieved airdrops. Many spent the Dash with the hosting merchant, Pollos Don Guillo Laureles, on a delicious chicken dinner.


This morning, Juan Usuga and I traveled to Parque de los Deseos in the north of Medellín, handed out Dash flyers and held an impromptu meetup with 20 Venezuelan migrants and Colombians, teaching them about the opportunity to use Dash for remittances to Venezuela ahead of our June 20th remittance workshop to be held in the same park.

Juan then later continued on with 2 assistants to two other nearby locations where he addressed a further 60 Venezuelans and Colombians.

Here is our week 3 MNO Report:

  • consulted with 8 new merchants
  • held 3 Dash meetups
  • achieved 53 new dash wallet installs
  • reached 110 total mailing list subscribers
  • grew to 64 youtube subscribers

I've also published 19 new YouTube videos to the Dash Colombia channel over the last 2 days that document our recent work.
Our renewal proposal is up and we still need 98 votes in order to support and continue growing the Dash ecosystem here in Colombia:


Here is the PDF:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/zd9jjat095p7z9z/Dash Colombia 450 Merchants.pdf?dl=0

See how Dash Colombia got 95 new Dash merchants in just 11 weeks:

And join us for our AMA tomorrow Tue August 21 @ 12pm EDT:


I was recently interviewed by Rodrigo of Dash Brazil:

I'll be on DFN's Three Amigos Podcast this Friday Aug 24.

I'm behind on publishing new videos but we've got 42 Dash merchants up on DiscoverDash and another 55+ in process of uploading.

10 weeks ago, Colombia had 0 Dash merchants.

After 10 weeks of 22 dash per month treasury funding for Dash Colombia, Colombia is #8 in the world in numbers of Dash merchants.

And we've just barely begun



Here is verification of the airdrops we've issued over the last 11 weeks:

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