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Dash Medellín / Dash Colombia: 12 meetups, 250 new wallets, merchants, remittances & more

Is this project appropriately conceived and ready for DAO funding?

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For those who are unaware, Google translate is a minor super-power. Add it as an extension to your chrome browser, when you hit a post in spanish (or whatever language you don't read), a couple clicks and you get a pretty decent and certainly readable page in about 3 seconds.

For example, awesome comment from Juan U. above....

If we want to take over the world, we're gonna have to pick up a few minor super-powers here and there.

Do the work, get the reward.
Un saludo muy cordial.


A very warm greeting.

I'm Juan Usuga, a mechanical engineer with about 10 years of experience in the Colombian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Very fond of new technologies and with years of experience in sales of infoproducts.

I consider myself capable of approaching all kinds of people, without fear or pretensions because of the social status of the people I approach.

I became interested in Dash because of the announcement that George put on meetup.com and I have attended 3 Dash Medellin meetups.

I like Dash because it is a currency that aims to be available to the masses, providing the advantages that cryptocurrencies have.

I decided to join the Dash Medellín team because I see cryptocurrencies as an excellent tool for entrepreneurship. I see a lot of opportunities here and I want to help bring them to my country.

I'm going to work on the awareness and sales side. In particular, in Dash merchant adoption , teaching merchants how to take advantage of Dash.

I ask for your support and ideas to make Dash a reality of masses in Colombia and I would be proud to be a part of your great team that with such versatile and reliable technology that aims to reach our country.

Thank you!

NOTE: Juan is very enthusiastic and personable. At each of the three Dash Medellín meetups he has attended, he's pitched business ideas. Juan is a startup machine. I am thrilled that he has agreed to join the Dash Medellín team.
Hola, mi Nombre es Fridia Madrid.
Hago parte de este gran grupo de trabajo de Dash apoyándolos en la logística de los meetups y como co-anfritriona de los videos educacionales de Dash en Medellín.

Escoji a Dash porque es una moneda que rompe parámetros, nos ofrece una serie de beneficios que la resaltan y le da un valor agregado que la distingue de las demás.

Espero que este proyecto de educación que busca vincular a la población de Medellín con Dash facilite el entendimiento y el fácil manejo de esta criptomoneda.
That's what George did, started on his own, with no Treasury money to start with. If you are implying that George is treating Dash like a honeypot, I think you are a troll who is out to hurt Dash.

Thats not totaly true, done with Dash Global Fund.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Dash Global, I issued 4 reimbursements of Dash under the Dash Cafe program.

Most supporter here are new users.

Past activity of the proposal owner, youtuber
Past activity for Dash, 7 wallet open in 2 meetup with fund (from Dash global).

Does people who want creat in Colombia a community, I read there are people with skills, must be manage and reprensent in this way ?

At this stage, the efficiency and the representative are more heralding a failure than a success from my point of view.

Without seen something more efficiente, with prouf (with evidence other than photos) from this posible future community, i do not take the bet.

"enthusiastic" not mean efficente with result at the end of the day.

A question, does this community is afiliat with Dash Global ?

I remember how was ineficante, the community support by them in the past !
A clarification on our relationship with Dash Global.

I received 0.231 dash from Dash Global, which I may only use to reimburse purchases of coffee and light snacks up to a total of about USD$4 per person per meetup ("Dash Cafe").

Dash Global only permits me to issue these reimbursements at leadership meetings, i.e., meetings where committed members of the group who currently aim to be leaders may attend and where we only discuss group leadership/plans.

Dash Global does not permit me to distribute their dash at general meetups where a couple dozen or more people may attend, only at the smaller meetups where we have had an average attendance of 8 people, and where most of the attendees are either loyal Dashistas (repeats) or already very crypto savvy and curious about Dash.

Dash Global strictly forbids me from spending their dash on anything other than reimbursements for coffee and snacks. I may not use it for meetup spaces, for meetup.com costs, for transportation, for publicity, to pay anyone, nothing like that.

I hope that clarifies our relationship with Dash Global but do let me know if you have any other questions about anything. I'm happy to provide information and receive feedback and ideas.

If anyone wants to do a videocall with me, just message me and I would be happy to speak with you over that medium.

Hola, mi Nombre es Fridia Madrid.


Hi, my name is Fridia Madrid. I'm a part of this great Dash working group, supporting them with meetup logistics and as co-host of the Dash educational videos in Medellín.

I picked Dash because it's a currency that stands out, that offers us a series of benefits that highlight it, and that adds a value that distinguishes it from the rest.

I hope this educational project that seeks to connect the people of Medellín with Dash facilitates the understanding and ease of use of this cryptocurrency.

NOTE: Fridia is a charismatic young lady with a magnetic personality. She's a model and a fashion design student. I have been sending her videos and texts about Dash and blockchain since March and she has been studying them intensively. I am impressed with her dedication and I think she's going do very well with the videos. She's also been a great help at the meetups so far.
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I recently contacted George and I offered to help him with graphic communication. Also, I will be in charge of two conferences in Dash Medellin, helping the people to understand what Dash is and its unique features.

This is a great opportunity for Dash in one of the most representative cities in Colombia and Latin America.
Colombia has been experiencing a great growth not only economic but technological.

This is undoubtedly a great initiative and opportunity to integrate Dash in Colombia, and a step forward for its further expansion in Latin America.

Many successes.

Greetings from Trujillo.
Tuvimos un excelente reunión de trabajo con el equipo de Dash Medellín este pasado Jueves 3 de Mayo. Estamos buscando más personas para el equipo.


You're invited to a videocall with the Dash Medellín team on May 24th at 11AM EDT (New York) on Zoom to answer your questions and receive your feedback live. Hope you can join us!

If that time doesn't work for you, please PM me so we can schedule one that does.
Tuvimos un excelente reunión de trabajo con el equipo de Dash Medellín este pasado Jueves 3 de Mayo. Estamos buscando más personas para el equipo.

Smiling faces are often referring to scams and ponzi schemes.

Get more serious.
Try to understand what dash really is, and who really controls it.

Inform your community about what every coin is (like @DavidHay is planning to do with his lessons), ottherise if you advertise without thinking, you are risking of becoming the advertiser of a scam.

I wont be able to answer you, because the moderators put a limit to how many posts I can make (one every 5000 seconds). So try also to discover the reasons why the moderators here oppress the free speech.
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I've been following your work in that region and your activity on the forum and elsewhere, so I know that the funding we give you would be well spent, and while what you're asking for is a bit more than the average meet-up costs total, you're conducting far more meet-ups and airdrops than most would be with a fraction of the funds per meet-up. If you can keep impeccable records and document your meet-ups and their outcomes and attendance, I think you stand a good chance of being funded. Do note, however, the recent post by Dash Core Group and the significant budget allocations they'll be asking for during these months as well and how that might impact your ability to be funded: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dcg-budget-planning-update.37884/
Dash Medellín invites the Dash community to a video call with us next Thursday May 24th at 11AM EDT at https://zoom.us/j/6989421790. We look forward to answering your questions and receiving your feedback.


Dash Medellín invita a la comunidad de Dash a una videollamada con nosotros el próximo Jueves 24 de Mayo a las 11AM EDT en https://zoom.us/j/6989421790. Esperamos responder a sus preguntas y recibir su retroalimentación.


Thanks @Arthyron and @Argon31 for your feedback!

We had a very positive meetup last Thursday, May 17th. 12 people attended. I distributed 10 Dash airdrops of about USD$10 each. A number of new wallets were installed. Some excellent new contacts were made, especially with some Venezuelans in Colombia who are going to work with us on remittances. We also came up with some great new ideas. More to come on that.

Photo album: https://imgur.com/a/DpIbz5s


One of the attendees livestreamed my talk:


I made some contacts in Pereira, a metropolitan area of about 710,000 people roughly equidistant from Colombia's three most important cities (Bogota, Medellín and Cali) and an important center of trade and commerce, especially for the coffee-growing industry.

This Wednesday, we have a meetup in Pereira:


Our plans are evolving here and we have got a lot of enthusiastic people getting ready to ramp up our efforts for Dash to the next level.
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Dash Medellín invites the Dash community to a video call with us TODAY in about 20 minutes (Thursday May 24th at 11AM EDT) at https://zoom.us/j/6989421790. We look forward to answering your questions and receiving your feedback and ideas. Thanks!

Dash Medellín invita a la comunidad de Dash a una videollamada con nosotros el HOY en 20 minutos (Jueves 24 de Mayo a las 11AM EDT) en https://zoom.us/j/6989421790. Esperamos responder a sus preguntas y recibir su retroalimentación y ideas. ¡Gracias!
Edward Stoever of dash.red @ec1warc1 met with the Dash Medellín team yesterday and gave us a master class on Dash wallets.


Also, last night we met with Carlos Echeverria of Dash Merchant Venezuela, Carlos Heinze of Dash Help and Guillermo Velasco of Dash Youth here in Medellín. All three are visiting from Venezuela to share their hard-won knowledge and skills with us. We're meeting them again today to learn more about how they are making Dash merchant adoption happen in Caracas.

More media to come. I'm behind with processing all of it.