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Dash Lamassu Integration Official Thread

Hi everyone, good news! The beta versions of all components are complete, including dashd support. I believe, but have not been able to confirm in testing, that this should also include InstantX. As usual, you can see the latest status here:


At this point, there are a few known bugs, but nothing that should block operation. This software is ready to be used by developers, but not yet the general public. We're currently installing it on a machine for integration testing. If there are technically-savvy Lamassu operators interested in helping us test, please let me know. Particularly if you have a two-way machine, as I only have a one-way to test on and the simulator doesn't work for it either!
Hi everyone, thank you for your patience! This week is a milestone in this project. After many complications, we're happy to announce two separate options for Dash Lamassu integration. One is fully supported by the new CTM vendor TigoCTM. The other option is a backwards compatible fork syncronized with Lamassu's (currently alpha) ETH integration, and requires similar technical capabilities to deploy as our earlier release.


With the eth delay, what's the new project delivery date?

as I understand it (and honestly I do not really)
we passed the eth delay - there is a dash version available now which still work with eth when lamassu finally catches up with that
@isysd is that correct and the short answer ?
Exactly as @tungfa says. We have incorporated all of the changes from Lamassu's latest alpha branch (which includes ETH) into our Dash build. There still some minor cleanup to do before publishing, but it will be this week.
Im serious, any news on the Lamassu ATM?
I know their getting paid funds and the options to buy Dash are limited.
Where I normally get my btc to exchange to Dash has to keep changing banks in Australia. Those bank f%ckers keep closing their accounts still after they learn the company iis trading in btc.

I just want to buy Dash direct, hence where the f%ck is the Lamassu ATM's?
as far as i know (and i do not know much) there will be a Dash ATM present at the LaBitConf in argentina - i have not gotten that confirmed yet if the machine is actually there or not but that is all i know
Now... that would be cool.
So more 24h of waiting ;)
Daniel wrote me yesterday that he did not managed to bring his machine to Argentina due to the extremely high cost (transport and taxes/customs) - it would be 2000 USD in one direction.
Lets just forget about Lamassu. Its a distraction and has caused a lot of divsion. You win some and lose some. Lets move on.
No fricken way, I want a Dash integrated Lamassu in Sydney Australia!
I don't want to continue making btc & fiat the medium of exchange.