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DASH Global Meetups

Were these meetups funded by Dash Force or JZA or Both?

I ask because I don't want to be paying for meetups that have already been paid for.

The Meetups where funded by me. @JZA encouraged me to do the Meetups contests from Dash Force and help me understand what Is and how to use Dash. I've been using the prices of the contests for the Meetups. @JZA helped me with his knowledge of Dash
DASH Global has an excellent proposal and initiative. All my support from Venezuela.
Here the photos of the first meetup that took place on October 7, sponsored by DASH Global in San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela


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This is a great initiative by JZA and i will also advice the MN holders to vote YES for this project cus dash global have sponsored my own meetup in Nigeria which have more than 35 attendees and it was very easy for me to connect with DG and get the fund to run the meetup am so glad for this proposal and am happy for the job JZA and DG are doing for small groups in Africa. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! thi1s are the pictures below we had five developers and we planning on better things ahead of us.


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Were these meetups funded by Dash Force or JZA or Both?

I ask because I don't want to be paying for meetups that have already been paid for.
Yah, good question. If we are going to have several funding outlets, there has to be a way to designate who is doing what. Agreed. How can that be done? Who does Dash Force fund, and how do they decide whom they're going to fund? This can get messy :/ I'm also interested in seeing everyone start to keep track of who they fund and make reports to MNOs. But I know we're still in toddler stages, and that can get complex. Still Dash Core has been setting a good example.
Is not easy to estimate how many people will jump in the meetups once this is funded so our estimate given the price action is that we set a bar around 30-50. Since just with limited funds we were able to get around 15 meetups up and running, So 50 meetups in 4 weeks is not surprising. Also the price of dash has been on a downtrend since the Conference so we are assuming it will stick around 300 for the rest of the month. If we see it go back to 400 before Sunday we would surely reevaluate, but at this point 280 DASH is enough to make a difference form the ATH.

However like I mentioned originally on the proposal we will be investing in marketing of the program, we already have a website and social media, and will be implementing some material to make it easy to run and fund the meetups on an automated manner. We also considering hiring an accounting firm for all things related to DASH Global (Meetup, Podcast, News sites) etc. All that requires some infrastructure budget that is being accounted.
Приветствую! Я могу заняться продвижением в России на территории Санкт Петербург активно вовлекать людей в Dash
Отчёты мероприятий будут!
Готов к сотрудничеству!
Предлагайте идеи!
An excellent project! Dash community is gonna be great! With this kind of project, more and more people will know about Dash and it will benefit all of us.
DASH Glogal Will funding our first meetup

Saturday October 14th:
here is our invitation Sky-dash.com

We appreciate that support that JZA offers us to perform our meetup and with this bring more and more users to the world of DASH, I keep you updated.
1) Is this funded by the budget system or it is a private initiative?
2) Are you willing to fund this?
We have been funding it in limited amount privately, but the proposal will fund the meetups on a more proper fashion as well as more evenly around the world
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I know JZA has been really great at supporting groups literally everywhere in the world. If you do another proposal, I will vote yes, just based on your reputation. And frankly, these are the only projects I feel comfortable supporting. Big projects that are complex simply can't be evaluated (or adjusted or negotiated) with a yes/no vote. But grass roots, you get a great bang for the buck when you have good people doing it.
I am part of the team Dash Venezuela, i have my own crew call DASHtoneros, and I work with @algodon.franelas in DASH CARACAS. The meetups programs fron Dash Global is a unique oportunity where we can spare teh word of Dash in our city... They Sponsored 6 Meetups here with diferent people and diferents crews -DASH SAN ANTONIO aevfmsc20, DASH CARACAS @algodon.franelas, and others teams- thanks to that effort from Jza and his people we have several groups growing in Venezuela directly relacionated with Dash Digital Cash... This kind of activities are Importants because many people know about our digital corruncy and start in the crypto world.


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We think that the organizer of the meetup should have an incentive to do this work, and this should be included in the budget for every meetup, as it means the organizers have to do a job inviting to the meetup, organizing the logistics, printing POP material, making the presentation, help position DASH and DASH Global as brands, and then the after-sell contact with the participants, as well as posting all the results.

It takes work and leadership, so my recomendation is that this is rewarded properly so the new leaders can continue doing the job.

So far, in Venezuela, with the help of Dash Global there has been 3 meetups in Caracas and 2 in San Antonio de Los Altos.

There are also other leaders who want to start: DASH Ciudad Bolívar, DASH Valle de la Pascua, DASH Guanare and DASH La Guaira, at least.

Good luck, DASH Global :)