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Dash Embassy D-A-CH - Updates & Activities

The coworking space vendor rent24 invited the Dash Embassy Roadshow to educate visitors about cryptocurrencies and Dash – Digital Cash.

The BTC Echo journalist Alex Roos opened with an introduction about Money & Money Policy followed by Jan Heinrich Meyer, founder and CEO of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, who introduced Bitcoin & Blockchain and Dash – Digital Cash to the audience on Friday. Afterwards, Benjamin Kirschbaum, lawyer at the law firm Winheller from Frankfurt, described how to handle income and the sale of cryptocurrencies with regard to taxes.

Commenting on the evening, Olaf Maskow said: ” It was a great experience. Both for crypto newbies and advanced users, there was a suitable selection of topics. I also think that it is helpful and beneficial to be able to contact the speakers any time for questions and that they will be able to do so by e-mail afterwards. So there will be no question mark left.”


Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, Gideon Gallasch, co-founder of the Blockchain Hotel and Bitcoin-Treff.de, and Klaus Himmer, CEO of the tax accounting software company CryptoTax, addressed the following questions at the Unperfekthaus in Essen: Does our current monetary system work as we would want it to? Can we improve it? What are the alternatives to Fiat money? How are blockchain-based cryptocurrencies working from a technical point of view? Do I need to report my gains from trading coins to the tax office and can I claim any losses?

Martin Bork, an attendee, said, ” During the World of Value, we learned about Dash and the roadshow. I went to Essen for the purpose of learning more about the concept of cryptocurrencies in general, because at the moment I would say that I am a total beginner. The speakers explained to me how the whole Blockchain system works and what the differences between Bitcoin and Dash are. For me, Dash seems to be one of the most developed and I can see it as a real alternative to today’s fiat money. I guess that Dash won’t disappear from the scene any time soon.”

At the EWCC at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, building bridges between blockchain-based projects from Asia and Europe was one of the main themes. In addition to speakers such as Holger Köther (IOTA), Tilmar Goos (Cardano), Johnson Zhao (NEO) and Istvan Deak (NEM), Jan Heinrich Meyer from the Dash Embassy D-A-CH presented Dash to the audience. In his presentation Meyer talked about the Dash DAO and placed a special focus on the so-called DFOs, i.e. Dash Funded Organisations, that are financed by the Dash Treasury. Besides the huge success of the Dash representations in Venezuela, he talked about the newly launched Dash Embassy Thailand and the very first integrations initiated by the Dash Embassy D-A-CH in Asia. At the end of October, MBAex, which is one of the largest trading platforms for blockchain assets in Southeast Asia, launched tading pairs for Dash.

Meyer also participated in a panel discussion featuring some of the above-mentioned representatives of other digital currencies and tokens.

“Digital exchanges – even without the Euro?” – Dash at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida
6. November 2018

This year’s 25th Interdisziplinäre Wissenschaftliche Konferenz Mittweida (25th Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference Mittweida) included a panel discussion between experts from the established financial and banking system and two representatives of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, speaking on the topic of “Digital exchanges – even without the Euro?”

Alongside Arno Pfefferling (Horizen and co-organizer of the Blockchain Meetup Saxony), Dr. Martin Diehl (Bundesbank) and Miriam Stareprawo-Hofmann (Volksbank Mittweida), Jan Heinrich Meyer from the Dash Embassy D-A-CH also participated in the discussion. At times the debate between Diehl and Meyer resulted in a heated discussion, in which they mainly discussed the advantages and disadvantages of money issued by the government and decentrally organized cryptocurrencies, whose supply is limited. Like in their previous discussion at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Diehl and Meyer were unable to reach an agreement. Dr. Diehl argued clearly that cryptocurrencies would make sense only if they were “stable coins” pegged directly to the Euro or the Dollar, whereas Meyer argued that a self-regulating free market would likely result in the best currency. Miriam Stareprawo-Hofmann showed interest in the integration of cryptocurrencies into the Volksbank Mittweida, so long as the legal framework is clearly defined.

This was an exciting discussion, and we will certainly see more of it in the future.


From 6th to 8th of November 2018 Jan Heinrich Meyer (Dash Embassy D-A-CH) Alexander Block ( Dash Core) and Jon Durdel joined the GENOhackathon (https://genohub.de/) to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses by integrating them in the existing infrastructure of the GENObanks. For further updates please stay tuned! This is the initial 1-minute-pitch:

On November the 16th was the first Dash Roadshow in Vienna, Austria. There was a mix of 30 newcomers and experienced crypto-enthusiasts gathering to talk about the pitfalls and advantages of the current monetary system and to debate whether there is an alternative. The question of how the technology behind the blockchain and especially Dash works in contrast to other blockchain based currencies also interested the audience.


In November, the Euro Finance Week in Frankfurt opened its doors for the 21st time and Dash was there again. For four days, the top-class conference was devoted to the trends and topics in the financial and banking world. After the opening conference on the first day, theme days were devoted to regulation, digitisation and asset management. Each of the days featured a varied schedule of talks, panels and break-out sessions.

Following the previous year’s successful participation, Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO and founder of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, participated in the event again this year.



Only 8% of Germans own cryptocurrencies, but in Turkey there are more than twice that much cryptocurrency owners. The depreciation of the Turkish lira and uncertainty about the economic future of the country created a climate in which a lot of people are looking for an alternative. Now the Dash Embassy is trying to demonstrate to these people that Dash is an alternative, and not as a speculative investment to become rich, but as a real currency which can benefit it’s users because it’s superior to state currencies.

Therefore the Dash Embassy participated in the Blockchain TR Summit in Ankara, and added the Turkish translation to the Dash Embassy site as a cornerstone of the project. Another important goal is to work with the Turkish immigrant communities in Germany and Austria.

You can select the Turkish-language version via the Turkish flag at the top right corner of the screen (desktop) or in the menu (mobile) or directly via this link: https://www.dash-embassy.org/?lang=tr

You can join the Turkish Telegram group through this link: https://t.me/dashturkey

Our blogpost can be found here: https://www.dash-embassy.org/2018/1...h-embassy-website-has-been-published/?lang=en

Dash as future payment method for Turkey?

Jan Heinrich Meyer (Dash Embassy D-A-CH) and Robert Wiecko (Dash Core) visited Ankara to attend the Blockchain TR Summit from November 18th to 20th.

Blockchain TR Summit

The Blockchain TR Summit in Ankara was the first event of its kind. Most of the participants were members of the Turkish business community and government representatives, but there were also blockchain companies such as the cryptocurrency exchanges Paribu from Turkey and Lykke from Switzerland.

Most of the content of the conference was aimed at entry-level users and covered topics related to the use of the blockchain technology in various economic sectors. Robert Wiecko and Jan Heinrich Meyer gave lectures on monetary policies and payment methods.

The goal

During their first workshop on November 18, Jan and Robert presented a 3-hour talk about monetary cryptocurrencies and the advantages of decentralized currencies to the approx. 60 participants. How can Dash be used as a means of payment? How is the Dash DAO set up? How does DGBB function?

“It was our goal to present a currency and payment method to the Turkish community and its entrepreneurs that they can already use in their day to day life, and to encourage them to launch their first community initiatives for Turkey”. (Jan Heinrich Meyer)

The second Dash Workshop on November 20th made this goal clear. Robert and Jan talked to their listeners about the DGBB under the title “How to set up a DFO”. The Dash Embassy D-A-CH was used as an example to explain the proposal system. The main focus of this project is business development, marketing and the upcoming Dash Roadshow for Turkish immigrants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

These workshops were complemented by Armenak Tüysüz, Co-Founder and Business Developer at www.salamantex.com. “The easy way for crypto payment” was the title of the presentation by the Austrian entrepreneur, who introduced his POS solution for crypto payments and showcased the payment terminal as a partner of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH. More details on this partnership are expected to be announced soon.

Business Development

Besides the pre-arranged partnership presentation between Dash Embassy D-A-CH and Salamantex, some interesting discussions with leading Turkish cryptocurrency exchanges took place. The Turkish exchanges are small compared to international players such as Poloniex, Mbaex or Coinbase, although cryptocurrencies are very popular in the country. Hamza Kesim (Paribu) believes that this is because the Turkish crypto-community uses regional exchanges as fiat-gateways only. The reason for this is that it is not possible to send a bank transaction from Turkey to Kraken. Hamza has expressed interest in the integration of Dash into Paribu because of the activities planned by Dash and the good community feedback he got on site. He was assured that the Dash Embassy D-A-CH would support him in this project.

The problem of international money transactions to Turkey was also a problem for Jan Heinrich Meyer when he attempted to transfer the sponsoring fee for the conference via bank transfer. Following a short discussion with Gökce Phillips, who organized the event, they simply settled the bill in Dash.

The Turkish immigrants in Germany are responsible for the majority of remittance transactions to Turkey and this example shows why an alternative method is so important in this field and educational events and business development activities in the DACH region and Turkey can have such an impact on Dash.

Community Building

However, the summit was not only a successful event for business development. Jan and Robert met students and entrepreneurs from Ankara and Istanbul, that are interested in starting their community initiatives for Dash. If this team will follow the structures and concept of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH remains to be seen. Anybody interested in talking to the new Turkish community members can reach out to them via Telegram: https://t.me/dashturkey


The Turkish market could offer a huge growth opportunity for Dash. As soon as more local exchanges integrate Dash it will become easier for the Turkish people to get access to Digital Cash and a fruitful cooperation between the D-A-CH region and Turkey could take place. We have now laid the foundation and will keep you updated.


The Dash Roadshow visited the Berufliche Schulen in Wolfach on November 29, 2018 in cooperation with the Initiative Dezentrale Bildung. The founder and CEO of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, Jan Heinrich Meyer, introduced the students, teachers and local entrepreneurs to the world of cryptocurrencies. In his lecture he explained the current monetary system with its advantages and disadvantages and how blockchain technology works. Another big topic was Dash, on which the attendees learned how it can be used as Digital Cash and how anonymous transactions are possible.

The first Euro in Dash was given them as a gift by the Embassy, and then they were able to spend it at the kiosk for water. Quick and easy.

An article about the event can be found here: https://www.schwarzwaelder-bote.de/...sch.50d1b227-a9b6-444f-86d1-7166b22c2e3e.html

BOS Germany now accepts Dash donations for the survival of the endangered orang-utan
Cryptocurrencies are speculative assets for a lot of people, but they are an important technological innovation for others because they are increasingly finding their way into their everyday lives. In the Advent and Christmas season, donations are just as much a part of everyday life for many people as shopping for Christmas presents and visiting a Christmas market.

Therefore, we are very happy that the Borneo Orang-Utan Survival Foundation (BOS) now accepts Dash as a donation method. The BOS Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit NGO founded in 1991 by Dr Willie Smits and has dedicated itself to protecting the endangered Orang-Utan and its habitat by involving the local population.

The Orang-Utan is living in the rainforest of Indonesia, which is one of the last places in the world with a huge biodiversity. They are the largest tree dwellers in the world and they play a central part in the ecosystem of the forest. They are very intelligent creatures, and they have an emotional world that is very similar to that of humans – those who threaten their survival by deforesting and scorching their forests for tropical woods, mineral resources and giant single-crop plantations.

You can find more information and the donation option at: https://www.orangutan.de/einzelspende

BOS Germany presents itself in this video:

The Dash Embassy has visited the Kelterei Schmidt for a guided tour, where the owner Josche Schmidt introduced us to his regional products and his production facilities. Following the tour, we were able to purchase the well-known crypto liqueur from the winery and pay with Dash. This liqueur called "Fuel to the Moon" with the flavour "Drown the FUD" is exactly the right thing to sweeten the current bear market.

For more information about the winery visit: https://www.joschesapfel.de


Dash visits Kaufdahoam in Gmunden

19. December 2018

“How usable are crypto currencies in everyday life if you can’t even buy food with them?” Many crypto users already had to answer this question, and most of them can only refer to restaurants, but the majority of people do not visit a restaurant every day, especially if there is only one local restaurant that accepts Dash or Bitcoin.

The wholesaler Kaufdahoam from Gmunden, which also delivers to Austria and Germany, represents a necessary step in the right direction. Crypto users are able to order many organic and local products from Austria, that can be used to prepare or refine a healthy meal. Locals can also shop on location or use one of the shop’s ATMs.

Klaus Hipfinger from the Dash Embassy D-A-CH visited the shop and was shown around by Rainer Tuppinger and Anita Strasser, the shop owners. They also carried out a purchase using Dash, which is available to every customer at Kaufdahoam.

Among the products Kaufdahoam offers are pasta, mustard, schnapps, wine, sausages and organic cosmetics.

Pictures are available at: https://www.dash-embassy.org/2018/12/19/dash-visits-kaufdahoam-in-gmunden/?lang=en
Dear Masternodes,

as you all know we haven't received any funding for January, because the budget was too tight in this cycle. Because this has happened for the second time now, we asked ourselves what the reason for this might be. We came to the conclusion that our previous reporting lacked transparency. That's why we have compiled a comprehensive page that lists all our efforts, achievements and costs in the past. We are planning to update you in this format for every month from now on, while still keeping in touch with Dash Watch of course.

Please also consider donating to us since we are completely out of budget and can't go on with projects like DZ Bank, PosBill, Salamantex, Saifu, Bitwala, bitcoin.de, Värdex, utrust, Bison and many more without your support.

Thank you for your time,

essra & Dash Embassy D-A-CH team

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