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Dash Core Group Q3 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 14 November 2019


Masternode Owner/Operator
Dear Dash Community Members,

I would like to kindly invite you to DCG Q3 summary call, during which the team will provide you with the recent updates about the development, business development, and other delivery team efforts towards Dash network growth.
We have prepared a detailed report of the progress made during Q3 2019, company achievements and challenges we have faced during the last quarter.

The call will take place on Thursday, the 14th of November at 16:00 UTC.
Link to the Youtube stream:

Meantime, please prepare and submit your questions here in this thread (or send them directly to @strophy).
I suggest sending one question per user, as there will be limited time for the Q&A section.
Please be aware that we might not be able to answer all of the submitted questions during the call. In such a case, the remaining questions will be answered on the forum.

Presentation slides are available in the following location:

Thank you,
Robert Wiecko
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There has been some talk of dash reward reallocation. Personally, I feel very cautious of such change, however, I would reconsider this if, for example, a new service or node type was being added. Perhaps, for example, the Content Delivery element of Dash Platform is extracted to a new type of node. Or, maybe, a decentralized exchange network. These are just examples but I'm wondering to what extent has this been discussed / considered?
Which Dash Platform fees collection scenario has been selected by Dash Core Group, for collecting fees from state transitions ?
(scenario's : fees collected by the nodes who processed the state transition, versus fees added to ordinary masternode payouts, versus a fees hybrid solution).
Has consensus been reached on that part ?
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Where is the demand for what Dash Platform does? (it looks like a solution in search of a problem)

Hasn't the platform experiment in the rest of the tech industry proven to be foolish? Yes, unintelligent individuals flock to lazy narcissistic elements, like social media. But, I don't see a model for anyone giving a crap about DASH. I don't see a carrot or stick that would drive anyone to step into the cage that a platform is. What makes DASH imagine itself so damned important and invaluable?

What makes DASH so damned special that people will line up to paint themselves into your corner? From where I'm standing, the answer is "nothing."

Is this desire for additional revenue streams and the rumblings about re-allocation really just an attempt to print more money for DCG? Isn't that just another dodge of the feedback loops that have been ignored too long already? Isn't this just a way to manufacture more money without fixing the reasons that you aren't getting it from the existing methods? How many feedback loops are you going to ignore? The consequence free pork barrel and SuckerNode problems were both ignored. Now the implosion caused by ignoring them is also being ignored... Just like the irresponsible leftist government who you've chosen to emulate; welfare failed, so now you want to print more money instead of do what you should have years ago? These ideas do not seem to be driven by innovation or any market demand. You're just trying to keep the ship from sinking. Wouldn't it have been better not to put so many holes in the hull? I hate to inform you, but it's waayyy past too late now...

Why has the core function and scope of the DASH project been sacrificed for tangential answers to questions which nobody asked, and solutions to imaginary problems? Why not just be digital cash already? This isn't just scope creep, but total abandonment of the original purpose... You've been sitting on IX for several years now. It's not going to hatch... You seem to have rather well smothered your own own baby...

You needed to pull the trigger on IX, but you insisted on letting opportunity pass you by over and over again... Reality doesn't apply to you, you're a special snowflake, you can ignore reality...

I hate saying this, but I called it from the moment the deliberately defective budget system was created. Consequence-free money for nothing will not breed productivity. Quite the opposite. Here we are... You can't pay the bills and you're making thinly veiled excuses to print more funny money...

It's so ironic to see a cryptocurrency, the only one that can actually call itself cryptoCURRENCY, assert that the fundamental laws of economics do not apply to it... Dash is special, or something...

You've fallen to 20th position now. You're effing irrelevant. What are you going to do about it? This isn't 2016...

You've called me many names, but among them "wrong" has never been listed.

You f*ckers absolutely refused to grow a pair, I'm afraid it's too late no matter what you do now...

Get woke, go broke.
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I suggest sending one question per user, as there will be limited time for the Q&A section.

Thank you,
Robert Wiecko

A very reasonable suggestion.
May i also suggest people ask their question in a civilized mature manner.
Ryan Taylor, would you consider altering your title of CEO of Dash Core Group to eliminate the PR misunderstanding of Dash having a CEO, or do you believe the benefits of that title, from perhaps a business relations standpoint, outweigh that occasional PR misunderstanding?
I wonder if it is really such a good move to have individual Dash Core Developers do interviews with community members, in the same time window of Dash Core Team still actively collecting questions from the Dash community for the Q3 Summary Call. May i suggest for next time to do those kind of interviews well before the collecting questions time window of the Summary Call, so questions do not get duplicated / hijacked and then basicly need to be answerred twice by Dash Core Developers.

** General remark, not intended as question for Dash Core Group Q3 Summary Call **
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Questions from this thread have been collected - please post any remaining questions within the next 24 hours.

@camosoul I was unable to identify a clearly articulated question in your post, so I have recorded "Where is the demand for what Dash Platform does?". Please let me know if you would like to refomulate this, but keep in mind it must be possible to read through the question in 10-20 seconds, and it must be free of abrasive language.
Dash v.1.0 (evolution) release is approaching, do DCG have any planned advertisement and/or publicity campaign for this long awaited release ?
(if I'm allowed a second question...)

Has there been any discussion regarding some sort of anonymous "payment code", whereby people can accept payments without doing the username thing? For example, a six digit number with a two minute lifetime (similar to google authenticator).
Third question, more important than the second...

Chain analysis companies are not only using on-chain data, they are analyzing communications between nodes (ping times etc). What can we do about this?
Is DCG actively researching ways to provide DASH price stability in terms of USD (eg. some sort of DASH based stable token) or is it still counting on "mass adoption" to solve it ?
How will usernames work? I think it is important that everyone has a unique username (like twitter or email) rather than multiple people with the same username but with the hidden identifier number like on Discord.
People should be able to hold up a sign that says "please send Dash to @mastermined" or tell people on youtube/video to send donations to @mastermined.
Is that how it will work?
@BoomStick perhaps the ongoing bear market has had you living under a rock these past 2 months, DASH has been a pretty stable $70 during that time.



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Until we get significant number of people using DASH in their daily life I prefer to have it somehow pegged to something that is currently better store of value (gold, silver, USD or whatever). I know that USD is pretty worthless, but imo we need to provide new users of DASH price stability at all cost.

I thought that most of the community members already understood that nobody will use DASH without being sure that its value persist (I was wrong apparently). You are living in a dream of "mass adoption" - that won't ever happen if price of DASH can change significantly in a minutes. With your attitude we will get nowhere - crypto is still to risky in comparison with national currencies. Business owners have to pay their bills, pay their employees - how are you going to persuade them to switch to cryptocurrency if the next hour its value can go down eg 30% ?

BTW. 2 months - lol what a joke ! Price of DASH between 62 USD and 102 USD and you call it stable ? Anyway my question is pretty clear and it's for DCG, I'm not going to discuss it further in this topic.
Dear @BoomStick , thanks for confirming that you do indeed live under a rock all fiat currencies are extremely volatile despite having coerced mass adoption, refer to Weekly chart of GBP for example. https://www.tradingview.com/x/eXSF4kJW/ The reason you don't see this volatility in your default fiat currency is because everything is denominated in it, Should DASH ever reach mass adoption it would apparently appear stable even while trading with some volatility against its inferior pairs.

At the end of the day, let's admit, the only volatility you're concerned with is the down part, right? Shall we lock you into a stable coin when DASH starts to correct back upwards in price? No, I didn't think so.
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