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Cryptocurrencies that have governance.

Sorry, wikipedia is not the right place for any original research, as well as for list of things someone might find useful. There are plenty of free wiki out there, let's use one of those.

Are the governed cryptocurrencies original research? I dont think so.

Wikipedia supports lists on things


What is the wiki page you recommend we start editing in order to create the list of governed cryptocurrencies?
What do you think about the Burst movement

Burst coin seems to have some kind of crowdfunding

Some people consider crowdfunding as a governance mechanism. I dont think that crowdfunding can be considered as a governance mechanism. Governance means you vote in order for something that belongs to everybody to be exploited and/or reclaimed in a certain way. Crowdfunding means you pay in order for something that it is liked to be born or created.

Of course if in your mind voting and paying is the same thing then you may confuse governance's and crowdfunding's meanings. Many people are confused and they say that the more money someone has, the more voting power should have.

But governance is not the same as crowdfunding, and voting is not the same as paying, because what happens in the reality is below:

The more loyal or slaves you have, the more money you have. The money you own exists because people believe in it or because you force them to believe in it. If you have no loyal or no slaves, then whatever money you have is tottaly useless. In case you have loyal and faithful people your vote/opinion is what really counts and not your money. In case you have slaves, your power/force (against them) is what really counts and not your money. So money totally depends on someone's vote/opinion and on someone's power/force, and it is impossible to exist otherwise.

Many people are confused and they say that the more money someone has, the more voting power should have. If they are not forced to say this, they say it because they are loyal and faithful to the rich. Being faithful and loyal to the rich without being forced, this is the ultimate stupidity.

Crowdfunding cannot be considered pure governance because it implies an underlying (and imposed) faith to the rich. In that sense of course, neither Dash, nor PIVX, nor Decreed can be considered as a pure governed coins. Because the governance system of all these coins also implies the same faith to the rich people, and this faith is subtly imposed (like many other things in the design of these coins) by the smart spies into the empty mind of the stupids.
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Similar story for NEM... has voting and notarisation but not sure about enforced governance.

We can see here NEM proposals.
And here is their voting module.

But they ask your real identity, and their wallet is lightweight based on javascript, which is unsafe IMO.
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It is a dash fork. It should have some kind of governance. As they said:
MasterNodes (called Sanctuaries) will come online after Christmas, allowing all expenses to be voted on and approved.
After the sanctuaries go live, the 10% tithe will be diverted to an ongoing budget with DAO governance, voting, allowing the coin to function as a decentralized autonomous charity; at that point the lead dev and volunteers will become a normal part of the community allowing the coin to run by itself.
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only PIVX and NEM give profit above inflation, better way is still hold IOTA (0% inflations) and token from Ether netwrk as GNT, SJCX (no inflation), now DASH give 8% but inflation is 20% it means that MN dash holder are -12% losers for the miners.
You are wrong. Decred staking ROI is higher than inflation and higher than any of the coins you mentioned. At ~33% annual gains, Decred crushes Dash and everything else. As a bonus, Decred keeps its networking and application layers separated so the entire network doesn't get disrupted by simple things like an out-of-place comma.

I thought PoS sitting in a hot wallet was vulnerable to hacking...
Hello everyone! As this is my first post I'm not supposed to add any links but DeepOnion is planning a Vote Central for Q1 and founders statuses available for veteran users after the airdrops have finished in Q2.
This gives the community the chance to vote on the future actions and developments of the project!
This is where the future is headed, blockchain will eventually take over.
This thread is about coins that have governance, not about coins that will have.
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Better later then never, but we will get there.
When will you get there? Is there a timeline?
And who are you? Are you Alice?

You know what? There is a common thing between automated bots and paid trolls/spies/journalists. They both dont answer to questions. So if the individuals of the community get used to classify people who do not answer to questions, they will reveal both automated bots and paid trolls/spies/journalists.
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