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Creating a Venezuela DAO to create the First DASH Nation

As I've said before: it's a question of (1) ROI, (2) risks, and (3) governance.

Is it just about the ROI, Risks and Governance?

What is the ROI calculation on a country converting to using DASH and showing the world that it can get back on its feet again? What influence would that have on the perspective of DASH world wide as a stable investment when 32 million people in a country are using it? What PR would that generate? Would investors be more confident to invest in DASH once they see what was achieved in Venezuela? Would they feel more confident in investing in a digital currency that actually helps power an entire country? With a real world use case scenario instead of just a wild speculative investment? Wouldn't you want to invest in such a Digital Currency knowing that an entire country is now using DASH as a form of payment? If Venezuela starts using DASH as a form of payment across the country that would mean that DASH is now backed by something real. It is backed by a nation of users for commerce, investment and savings which means the DASH price is now considerably more stable. When DASH is established in Venezuela what influence will that have on the rest of Latin American countries that have suffered at least to the same level as you have suffered in your own country? Do you think they also would apply the Venezuela model of adopting DASH to their own country with DASH?

I feel we need to focus a good part of our energy, time and investments on converting Venezuela. Focus like a laser and make it happen. When we do this we will have considerably greater possibility of success of then converting Venezuela and from that success other countries will look to Venezuela as a model.

You talk a lot about people power. Isn't this suggested project just that? People empowering people? You say that it is about ROI, Risk and Governance OK do you have any suggested solutions to those issues you could contribute?

Could it be more than just ROI, Risks and Governance?
You have had bitter experience about oppressiveness of the government in the Ukraine and you put emphasis on the importance of freedom of the people from oppression. So who is going to do the work to free the people in the type of society you are talking about? The governments, or us? Is it not the people themselves that are going to achieve this liberation? People like you and me who believe in this cause? If we have the power to help, and make no mistake about it we *do* have that power, do we not have a responsibility to take action to help our brothers and sisters in other countries so that they can start enjoying the freedom that you are referring to? Is it all just down to the ROI, risks and governance?

For me at least it is not just about ROI, risks and governance. I raised this sDAO thread to see if there were any other MNOs willing to help the Venezuelan people that have suffered unimaginable losses by creating a sDAO fund to fund the projects to help the people free themselves. I was hoping that MNOs would at least help me work out the ROI, risks and governance part of it. But so far,with a few notable exceptions, I'm mainly receiving feedback that this idea can't work. Doesn't anybody believe we can make it work?

Surely if the people are to have the power you are talking about the people need to start being pro active in creating their own systems that are run by the people and controlled by the people. This sDAO was intended in achieving just that. We need to get out of the mind frame of Governments doing it for us. We need to claim our power. We need to start finding solutions for ourselves. This sDAO is an attempt to achieve just that. If we are to break free of government control we need self governing systems like this surely we need positive feedback as to how we can *make* it work and not negative feedback how it can't work. So far I've only received feedback on how it can't work and why the sDAO is not going to work. How about changing our mind set and see if we can make it work? Surely that is the mindset we need if the people are to develop systems to govern themselves?

Let me ask you a direct question. If we could convert Venezuela to using DASH do you think it would have been worthwhile for all MNOs to donate just one month's worth of MN rewards to achieve that objective? That is 27,000 DASH IF we could solve the issues of Risks and Governance? Then ask yourself do you think the ROI would be worth it if Venezuela converted to DASH and the massive PR and recognitions for the DASH brand world wide that would come as a result. Would it worth it?

I posted this sDAO concept to primarily achieve what you say you are passionate about and what you say you want to see in the world. I thought MNOs would however be more motivated by ROI but perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps the MNOs are like you and are more motivated about solving the currency crisis and freeing the people. For me this project is more about taking action as best we can to help people be free of suffering when we have the power and means to do so. It is about people solving the money crisis and empowering people to be the owners of their own money. Owning our own money is surely the first step to realising the dream of independence and freedom that you are talking about?

Even if there was no ROI (even though there will be) if that freedom you are referring to could be achieved in Venezuela by establishing DASH would you not think it worthwhile giving up just one month's worth of MNO rewards to achieve that freedom?

I'm asking for assistance and some positive feedback to find solutions to solve the governance issue for this sDAO
I hear what you are saying and I agree the points you raise are important. But could we put ROI and risks aside just for one moment? Just so we can make some progress. We will look at those issues later. For now I'm asking the assistance of MNOs to see if we could find a solution to the issue of Governance for an sDAO for Venezuela to fund their projects? If we can solve this then we can move on and look at the ROI and Risks.
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