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Conflicting Network Status. Should I restart?

After reinstalling sentinel to fix an issue I was having with it. Ninja is showing my status as inactive but both my wallet and Dashman is showing as "Enabled" What should I do?

This is the problem I keep facing. I don't know which status to trust.

I can Pm my address for someone to check.
If you are fully updated, you should trust your own status over ninja. Feel free to PM me your node details or find me on Discord and I'm happy to check for you from my end.
I have the opposite problem. Vultr VPS controlled via Dash Core on a Mac, both version
  • On dashninja.pl it shows "Active | ENABLED" for Daemon ID dmn01 - dmn03. For some reason, dmn04 isn't shown at all.
  • Code:
    ./dash-cli masternode debug
    on the Vultr instance gets:
    Masternode successfully started
  • Code:
    ./dash-cli mnsync status
    on the Vultr instance gets:
    "AssetID": 999,
    "AssetStartTime": 1511570238,
    "Attempt": 0,
    "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
    "IsMasternodeListSynced": true,
    "IsWinnersListSynced": true,
    "IsSynced": true,
    "IsFailed": false
  • The dashboard on my.vultr.com shows CPU, disk and network activity on my instance that is consistent with a working node.

Yet, the Dash Core wallet on my Mac shows "NEW_START_REQUIRED" at the Masternodes tab. It has shown this for the past 8 hours or so, so I doubt, it will change by itself. Any idea what's going on? Do I need to restart?
I've got the same conflict of information. The masternode is running fine while the wallet says: NEW_START_REQUIRED.

1) Close the wallet.
2) Go to the directory ".dashcore" of your wallet in the client machine.
3) Rename the file mncache.dat to mncache.dat.old.
4) Run the wallet. The wallet will refresh the missing information.
5) Wait until the synchronization to finish.
6) Close the wallet. The file is recreated with the fresh information when you close the wallet.

I've had the same problem where my masternode shows "NEW_START_REQUIRED" even though dashman shows as "ENABLED". I think I closed my Dash-QT client quickly soon after clicking the [Start Alias] button. Maybe it caches the old status at the time of shutdown and permanently broke the status. Next time, you should leave your Dash Core up and running until it shows "ENABLED" within the Dash Core before closing it.


Thank you SO MUCH for your perfect work around by destroying the corrupted mncache.dat file while Dash Core is off. This is a great "solution" until the Dash Core software can be repaired to handle this condition more gracefully.