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[CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

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Who's the anonymous Nyan Cat? lol!

I would like to recommend Vertoe as well for being very trustworthy.
i had send him 500 Darkcoin before, and got every week payout like he said. I instantly had my Darks back when he decided to stop his service for a while, even when i didnt ask for them.
I would recommend anyone to do business with him
Awesome! My first payment today. Not only does this prevent me from panic selling but I make a bit of interest at the same time and help provide 1/3 of a Masternode for the network!
Cool I was watching TV while the payment fired up. I'm really satisfied with the script now :)
If you notice any erros, please let me know.
Hey vertoe! I have 100 DRK I want to throw in. I'll pm you :)

Edit: Yeah, looks like I can't PM either. Please PM me!
Vertoe, I dont know if the problem it's with the start time, but now, at moment of the payment, there are 25.7114107 drks in the masternodes, but the payout was 20.10714107 http://explorer.darkcoin.io/tx/19527b8f2fb8fb446bc6165d0bb06efc1334a79c7ca19d2f5c98c62aab2ad450 .

Is it an error or am I missing something?
If you take the numbers from the spreadsheet, use them with caution. The spreadsheet only knows the balance which the block explorer shows. But the block explorer does not show the mature balance. So the payouts are always lower than shown because of immature earnings. These will be added to the next shift, of course.
Would it be easier to do a research and set up my own node (lack of IT skills) or should I just send you my 1000 drk and enjoy the payouts -5%?
Not open for further replies.