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[CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

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Yes sorry, I was so busy updating the masternodes that I forgot to check out the payment server. I did an emergency shutdown in the evening to avoid any issues, will update it today and you will recieve the payments of 2 days tonight.
Yes. Lot's of shares available.
How much is a share? How much does a share payout usually?
How do I get started? I got 12 DRK I would like to invest.

EDIT: First page described almost everything.
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Yes just contact Vertoe with PM and he will give the payment address where to send your 12 DRK the day after you are in...
dear oh dear.... at last i came back here to see some news...dear sir vertoe.. i would like to buy some shares too...
is there any open shares for me?
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