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CloakSend 2.0 / PoSA - fake or legit?

Uh, it seems to happen right now, the devs left the building...

13:29 < xxxgoodgirls> why did the dev team quit this channel?
13:43 < threec> have to say, i was wondering that myself, why all the devs are suddenly missing from this channel, is there another channel? sorta miss hearing from alty.
13:48 < xxxgoodgirls> yeah thats not really cool by them
13:49 < xxxgoodgirls> this will follow a dump
If it's true, the market is reacting very slowly :) Watching the charts, seem very quiet.
From that thread it sounds like "handover to community" is a nice way of saying the dev is running away from an increasingly angry mob. An angry post by monkeydong1 containing his dox keeps getting deleted.
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yep cloak is dead... Alty said that it was becoming too difficult to continue and that he didn't think it would be this tough to make it work. They are just open sourcing it because they have given up and apparently moved on to another coin. Good luck with that. All my money is now in DRK, where it should be.
Hopefully that leads to more people realizing building such a system is actually difficult. A cryptocurrency basically - like most software systems - is trivial and that is what people get wrong so often. Making something "sort of working" might take a week, but making something stable is rather a year.... And the earlier investors realize that the better.