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CloakSend 2.0 / PoSA - fake or legit?


Three of Nine
CLOAK tries a new approach to anonymous transactions. I've watched a PoSA transaction on YouTube:

Here are the transactions:

Now I have two thoughts:
  1. Perfect. If this works it's a suprior approach to anonymous transactions.
  2. Fake. It's so easy to create such a video, create two transactions and sell them as one PoSA transaction.
I want to discuss: Are the CLOAK devs serious or is this just a big scam scheme? Why are the CLOAK devs anonymous? Why is the CLOAKSEND testing not open to the public?

I think this is an important discussion we should think through in the Darkcoin community.
The problem is always how its implemented, can there be deviced attack vectors to this, is it really safe, or is it just to pump the coin...
It might be superior or not. I bet for the latter. Because I already start having my doubts when I see a whitepaper released on mega, an abstract written in CAPS Lock, the whole text edited in microsoft word and there are no references in the whitepaper either. And the screencast video just makes the impression no deanomysation is possible but I don't consider this as a proof. The website has no information on the dev team and github has neither. And the forum finalizes my impression that something is wrong. I would say I am having the "veri" feeling something is wrong with cloak coin. And some others have doubts too http://www.reddit.com/r/CLOAK/comments/2b1ier/cloakcoin_scam_warning/
What I see ..

Two tx, someone in middle.
Two block, 1626, 1629.

Seems like another coin forwarding(XC rev1 ~ 1.5 has this. cloack didn't split tx)
Sender wallet show middle address, not real payee




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Fake video is fake! :D

Vertoe and I were talking about this last night, but I didn't know enough about Cloakcoin to give my opinion on the matter. But now that I've seen this thread and done a bit of research, this does smell fishy to me. Kinda seems like they're just trying to ride on Darkcoin's coattails in the anonymity arms race and pump the coin with this sort of hype: dubious claims of questionable veracity... they can dump the tons of Cloakcoin they hold and disappear into the sunset without a trace. I could be wrong, of course... it just seems like this would be the perfect "crime of convenience" to make a team of nameless, faceless "devs" a bit richer with minimal time and effort...


So next time before FUD something here please proof and dont be like USA!
limits are 10 cloak down to 0.5 cloak, its either a mixer or standard coinjoin

i would love to see kristov's coinjoin seduko play with it
Kristovs coinjoin seduko should play with dark first.... will be more fun
at least he is reviewing the source, how many independant security experts has reviewed cloakcoins source? 0 exactly...

and since darkcoin is not a coinjoin per see anymore, its not like the seduko is of any use there..lol

and in regards of socalled fudding well, you do know that cloakcoin holders started to fud, and kept fudding get your sources straight, its not fudding when we talk about other coins on our own board...
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Has any of this info been shown to cloakcoin community? Any responses, or allegations of FUD ourselves? XD
Not reviewing, no, I tried to understand what they are doing at cloakcoin but didn't manage to understand the concept. But I would love someone from cloak explain it.
i tried, but all they gave me was the white paper, which doesnt really say anything
Well, I am good at waiting... Maybe when they are done with the beta they can share some of their insights to us. Until then every party is obviously has made their choice on what is the best. Should we agree on some kind of bet?