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Cash Alternative TV | A Show about Cryptocurrency, with a Focus on Dash

Crypto in U.S. Banks, Coinsquare CEO Resigns in Scandal, Buy Anything with Dash ...and more! | CATV LIVE

In a sure sign of cryptocurrency acceptance by the mainstream financial sector, U.S. banks are now authorized to be custodians of crypto. A regulatory probe has revealed misdeeds by the management of Canadian digital currency exchange Coinsquare, leading to CEO Cole Diamond's resignation. After a partnership with Dingo Deliveries, Venezuelans in Caracas using Dash can now buy literally anything with it. All this and more on this weekend's episode of CATV LIVE.

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Dash Platform v0.14 Released on Evonet!

It's always an exciting time when a new Dash Platform version hits Evonet, because it's a reminder that the promise of it is right around the corner. Dash's smooth, fast, optionally-private network will soon pair with the accessibility and ease-of-use that comes with a decentralized API. On this episode of CATV, Christopher details this latest release by the hard-working Dash developers.

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You need paid marketing, I see there are people / bots consistently voting you down on reddit etc, thus putting off people from actually clicking through.
Buy Anything in Venezuela with Dash and Dingo!

Venezuelan Blue Hearts have a lot of reasons to hold Dash. They can hold it as a store of value from their crumbling national currency, as an easy means to exchange value, and now it's easier than ever to spend it! In this episode of CATV, we find out all about the newest integrations from Lorenzo Rey of Dash Text and Giorgio Marinetti of Dash Help.

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You need paid marketing, I see there are people / bots consistently voting you down on reddit etc, thus putting off people from actually clicking through.
This may be true, but I'm out there on plenty of sites. I'm just doing my own thing, it's funny because the people voting me down are ultimately on the same side as me. We all want Dash to succeed. Dash Nation's success is Dash's success is our success. One day I'm sure they will realize that.
New Wallets from Uphold and Shapeshift - A Walkthrough

Two trusted cryptocurrency companies Uphold and Shapeshift have released new wallets recently. Join Christopher as he goes through the experience of these new wallets and even discovers he's made some money! Find out how on this episode of CATV.

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Scammers get arrested, Blockchain for gamers?, Talking Dash DApps... and more! | CATV LIVE

Members from the Plus Token scam get arrested in China, and the Twitter hack mastermind gets arrested in Florida. What good is blockchain if it can't be used for gaming? Dash Platform will be groundbreaking upon its release. People are now starting to talk about all the wonderful apps that will be created for it. All this and more in this week's CATV LIVE!

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Are Blockchains Ready for Gamers?

Blockchains have had a rocky relationship with the gaming industry. High-profile integrations with tech giants have ended in termination, due to the sorely-lacking user experience blockchains offered. Fast-forward to the present, and a second wave of blockchain networks might be taking another crack at this huge and fast-growing industry. Is there a blockchain network out there that's up to the task? Find out in this episode of CATV.

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Turbocharging Dash as a Store of Value

The Dash network's unique economics has been a topic of focus for the last several months. The mix of Proof of Work and Proof of Service, miners and masternodes, total and circulating supply have all been discussed at length. Now, an optimization has been proposed and approved by Dash's decentralized governance system. What was it, and will it help? Find out on this episode of CATV!

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Dash and Tauros Partner to Offer Mexicans a Dash Back Debit Card

Crypto strives for a full-circle economy. That can be a tall order sometimes due to the ever-present Catch 22: Merchants don't want something no consumers are using, and consumers don't want something no consumers are using. Crypto debit cards have represented a happy medium, bridging the worlds of crypto and fiat. Mexican crypto debit card provider Tauros has partnered with Dash to offer an incentive to use a Dash-powered debit card: Dash back.

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Crypto and Dash Economics, Bitcoin Cash drama, A Dash-back debit card... and more! | CATV LIVE

This week there were a few pieces that came out about the economics of crypto, Dash and the people who buy them. A Bitcoin Cash developer meeting ended in tension as several walked out in anger, highlighting the importance of governance. Mexican debit card company Tauros.io is partnering with Dash to offer a Dash-back debit card in their country. All this and much more on this weekend's CATV LIVE!

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The Importance of Governance in Digital Currency Projects

Over the course of cryptocurrency's existence, we have seen it capable of some amazing things. However, the techonological prowess of this relatively new industry invariably meets with human shortcomings when it comes to governance. Find out bad examples of crypto governance, and how one project is melding technology with the human factor in an innovative way on this episode of CATV.

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Anypay and Dash Developers Enable BIP70 on Dash Wallets

Steven Zeiler and Anypay have wanted to implement the payment protocol on the Dash network for a long time. Now this vision has come to be realized, thanks to a collaboration between Anypay and Dash Core developers. What is BIP70, and what does the upgrade mean for the Dash network? Find out on this episode of CATV.

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Talking Dash Platform, Venezuela, and Kraken!

I finally had a chance to test out the iOS version of Dash Platform, and will share with you my early impressions. LocalCryptos pointed out that gas fees on Ethereum have the potential to wipe out large chunks of savings for people that put faith in that cryptocurrency. Lastly, the news that everyone's talking about, Kraken has won the right to become a US Bank called Kraken Financial.

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Dash Launches Dash Platform Video Series

The Dash Core Group, in partnership with Amanda B. Johnson, launched the first in a new explainer series about the upcoming Dash Platform network upgrade. In a video entitled "Dash is Becoming a Cloud", Ms. Johnson mentioned Dash's new capabilities and the reasons that these upgrades will be possible.

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Talking HEX and Dash with The Hexologist

Tao chats with The Hexologist from the HEX community. We educate each other on each other's projects, and discuss ways where a closer unofficial relationship between the two would be beneficial. A great way to get the lowdown on two exciting projects with a lot of potential!

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Tired of Bitcoin and Ethereum High Fees? Watch This.

On days where there is lots of trading due to market runs in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the fees can become astronomical. But these days only exacerbate the problem. High fees from these blockchains are prohibiting use from people who don't want to pay more for the use of blockchains than the products they purchase. There is one cryptocurrency that has made low fees a priority throughout its existence, one that makes smooth, easy, fast and secure payments a priority.

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Crypto Developers: Dash to Rival Ethereum for Blockchain-based Applications

Move over, Ethereum! Dash isn't only for effortless digital payments. Turns out it's got a trick or two up its sleeve when it comes to decentralized applications! Watch this.

CrayPay Deal Brings Dash to 155,000 US Merchants

The Dash Investment Foundation made quite an investment into Dash's future this week, with the announcement of a partnership with loyalty platform CrayPay. This partership is made possible by Dash's unique decentralized network infrastructure. How did this partnership come to pass, and what could it mean for you? Find out on this episode of Cash Alternative TV.

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