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Cash Alternative TV | A Show about Cryptocurrency, with a Focus on Dash

HEX: The First Blockchain Certificate of Deposit!

HEX is known as the first blockchain certificate of deposit. It monetizes time in a way not seen before by any crypto product. It's a completely finished ERC 20 token smart contract that rewards savers and penalizes those who break their commitments. Tao takes a look at HEX and plays around with some saving scenarios on this episode of CATV.

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Buy and Stake HEX Easily with StakerApp!

The HEX community is always working to make the experience of buying and staking HEX super easy. Participating in this high interest blockchain CD has never been easier with the latest version of StakerApp. What is StakerApp, and why are Hexicans so excited about it? Find out on this episode of CATV.

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Crypto Tribalism, HEX, Dash, and BSV with NrdGrl007

Join Tao for a chat with Nicole (NrdGrl007) where they chat about the perils of crypto tribalism, the excellent social payment network Dash, the blockchain CD HEX, and oh, yeah, BSV gets briefly mentioned as well.

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Tesla and Elon Musk Invest in Bitcoin, Could a Cryptocurrency Invest in Tesla?

The news that Elon Musk has invested 1.5B of Tesla's balance sheet in Bitcoin is an eye-opener for sure. This is sure to push the industry to heights never seen before and is basically confirming what we already know, that crypto is here to stay. But did you know that there is a cryptocurrency out there that could return the favor and invest in Tesla? It's not Bitcoin, not Ethereum, not even Dogecoin which he seems to also like. Find out what it is on this episode of Cash Alternative TV!

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The Dash Network Considers Buying Coinbase, Tesla Shares

There's a lot of news lately about companies buying crypto. There's one crypto that's debating buying shares of companies. Find out about what Dash is up to, and how it can pull it off.

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Dash and Stakehound and Ren, Oh My!

The Dash network has approved two proposals for Dashers to enter the world of Defi: Stakehound staked Dash, and RenDash. Joining me today to talk about these two options is Felix Mago, co-founder of Dash Next.

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Demonstrating the Possibilities of DeFi

After discussing the upcoming integrations of Dash into Stakehound (stakedDash) and Renbridge (renDash), Felix Mago joins the show for this second of a two-part series to explain the myriad of possibilities to enter and participate in the crazy world of Defi. This episode must be watched with a rested mind. Be warned!

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Dash Core Group is Hiring! Apply within.

The largest contractor in the Dash Decentralized Autonomous Organization is hiring. Dash Core Group is looking for people to fill three new positions. If you or anyone you know would like to work with the future of money, this could be an opportunity to do so. Find out more on this episode of CATV.

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Dash Core Group Hires New Marketing Manager!

After some trials and tribulations with the former Head of Marketing for Dash Core Group, followed by an extensive search, a new Marketing Manager has been hired. Find out more about Arden Goldstein and her wealth of experience on this episode of Cash Alternative TV.

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Breaking Down Dash with Tao of Satoshi

This is a recent interview I did with Sarai from Dash Help where we talk about many different Dash topics. It was her first time doing an interview and claimed to be nervous, but I didn't see any nerves. We got along great and the conversation flowed nicely. Enjoy this chat on this episode of Cash Alternative TV!

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Dash Investment Foundation Invests in Valkyrie, a Dash ETF Possible

Exciting news dropped on Friday as the Dash Investment Foundation revealed the long-anticipated announcement about financial services company Valkyrie. Valkyrie, which runs a Bitcoin Trust, is in talks for a Bitcoin ETF. Although that is their focus for the moment, multiple Dash-related products, even a Dash ETF, could be possible for Dash with this announcement. Expect to hear more announcements from Valkyrie in the near future.

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Cloudbet Wins Big by Adding Dash's Instant Transactions

If you've ever used Dash's instantly confirming transactions, you know they are a cut above the rest. You also know that Dash has maintained ultra-low fees to go with them. Exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken and Binance use them, and now Cloudbet has discovered their power. Like to gamble? Like your crypto to work like cash? Well, do we have a partnership for you! Find out more on this episode of CATV.

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HexaDashers! | Hex Staking Strategies and the Latest in Dash

Please enjoy the second HexaDashers podcast, with CATV host Tao of Satoshi and Blake Chamness. Get ready to learn about Dash and HEX, and how the two are perfect complements to each other. Hex Vegas meetup, and constructive criticism for Dash Core Group.

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Interesting conversation, I agree with much of the points. The forums feels a little disconnected and silent. Not more than a few people are active which is a concern.

Also, I think another important reason for using the forum instead of other options is that all information saved remains for years to come and search engines can access these data and show it, in contrast with chats where much if not all gets lost. A few days ago I was searching for specific info about Dash blockchain, API providers, etc.. And I realized how poor the forum is in regards to dev info, tutorials, and so on... which is bad for people looking to build stuff..
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New Dash Branding Images Released, We Need Your Help!

Just recently announced were some lovely new branding images that were created to help the crypto publications display our new logo instead of the outdated old one. We're working hard to spread the word, but we may need all of your help at some point!

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