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Can't get dash from paper wallet into Jaxx

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I thought I'd give this a try as well. I was unable to replicate your reported bug in both an older version of Jaxx (1.3.3), the latest version of Jaxx (1.3.18) and in Jaxx Liberty ( All versions returned private keys in the standard 52-character compressed WIF format, starting with X. I was able to send balance, import the privkeys in Dash Core and see the balance imported with no issues at all.

I think what moocowmoo is asking here is to help us understand how you are exporting keys that start with L or K. A partially blurred screenshot and/or a specific version number and platform would be very helpful for us to try and replicate your problem. Until you do so, we have to assume user error or a corrupt Jaxx installation is also a possible explanation for this. Are you sure you aren't looking at the keys for another coin? I'm happy to have a look at the keys for you in PM - several users here can attest to me having helped them in the past with wallet recovery.
Strophy - Your guidance on next steps on my end is super clear. Now I understand how to proceed to give the type of data needed. Thanks!

My limitation is lack of access to the 2017 Chrome Jaxx version that I believe exported my saved off non-Dash-compliant priv keys. Jaxx did an automatic upgrade back then (without asking permission or asking if new backup desired first, which would have been a nice SW coding practice at upgrade time). It just did the upgrade and instantly un-paired all my coins. Jaxx had been super reliable for about a year of constant use before then.

I was able to use my 2017-exported priv keys saved off, to recover my BTC (yay) only, but not DASH or 4 other coins :-( The BTC recovery success makes me think I indeed saved off faithfully the jaxx-exported keys for the 5 other coins I had in Jaxx.

So, I'm pretty sure I saved off accurately the 2017 private keys from Jaxx. Had 6 coins in 2017 at auto-un-pair time, and have 6 sets of keys saved off back then - never want to have single point of failure for backups. (so back then I copy-pasted keys into an encrypted doc stored offline with paper backup, back in 2017) i.e. That backup is where I get the offending leading L//K char'ed 52-char Dash private keys. (want to shoot myself for somehow losing my jaxx backup phrases, me = idiot). I'm normally meticulous, but blew the phrases save somehow.

My results today:

Current version non-Liberty/regular Chrome Jaxx. Created new wallet. Dash wallet initialized but empty.
- Exports legal Dash private key format. from a zero value Dash wallet.
(haven't tried putting a small value of Dash there and then exporting keys).
- Regular Jaxx refuses to import my 2017-Jaxx-exported Dash priv key, seems
to test its not a valid key format so no NEXT button shows up.

Liberty Jaxx beta: new wallet, Dash wallet initialized but empty.
- also exports DASH-legal-format priv keys.
- Liberty Jaxx lacks the paper-wallet-transfer feature yet in the beta so cannot test importing my 2017 illegal-format Dash key.

per recent Jaxx support suggestion, i also used the https://walletgenerator.net/?currency=Dash# tool to convert my badly-formatted Dash keys into properly formatted private keys - but the converted keys point to zero-value of Dash unfortunately.

As a trusted Dash admin, I'm willing to send you my 2017 priv keys if that has a potential path to success. Or I'd welcome any other next-step suggestion. Glad to send non-trivial amount of Dash for success.

My recommendation at this point would be to track down an older copy of the software (a Jaxx extension for Chrome?) that created those keys, and see if it will import the L/K format privkeys. If you install it and disconnect from the internet, you might be able to prevent it from auto-updating again. You should theoretically then be able to use that version of Jaxx to move the balances to a wallet that functions normally. I think your best bet is to contact Jaxx support at this point to try to figure out which Jaxx version might have created those keys.

If you can find the source code for the wallet that generated the invalid keys, it might also be possible to see how they were generated and potentially convert them to a valid key. Sounds like a bit of a stretch though.
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