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Best VPN?

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Thanks for the shareing such a great information about VPN but I recenty use FastestVPN its also a great VPN for save & secure searching.
I like hide.me VPN. You have to pay for it but you can use it on your mobile phone and as a desktop version on any OS. You can change the IP address any time you want and check the amount of left traffic easily. Also they have a good support on their website. I used Hola! VPN before but it turned out that it was hacked and is not reliable anymore.
VPN-network is one of the most useful technologies that we have when it comes to protecting your privacy on the Internet, because they can encrypt your data and change your location. Unfortunately, premium services of these services often cost money.
What's the catch? For the services of any free service, you still have to pay in one way or another. Maybe you can exchange a limited amount of data. Maybe your connection will be very slow (in other words, no Netflix). In the worst case scenario, encryption of your data will be unreliable, you will be overwhelmed with targeted advertising, and your confidentiality will be under threat. Free VPN services are perfect for occasional use of the "from time to time" model, if you need to encrypt your data - for example, when connecting to an unprotected network.
In general, I will always use paid VPN.
I used Express before, but switched to Surfshark not ages ago. No complains so far. I really like the fact that it is optimised for fast content delivery, especially for Netflix and BBC player. I would say there is only one disadvantage of this provider: not so many servers. But I believe they are going to get more and more, as they are still quite new in VPN market. If someone is interested I would recommend you all have a look at them. You can use this code Surf24 for a discount :)
My favorite is windscrype, try trial.
He is fast and have no logs.
But i have no idea about crypto payments, check their web
I subscribed Surfshark not ages ago. I really like this provider so far. Easy to use, internet speed stays stable as not so many people are using this provider yet. It is also optimised for fast video content delivery and its server speeds allow streaming in 4K if one has sufficient internet connection. If someone is looking for something new I would give a try to this one. Here is the code surf24. You would get like 74% discount.
BolehVPN.net , Not only they have fast servers with no logs , they're also the first VPN to accept DASH ! with a amazing support !
I have also switched my VPN to PureVPN year ago, and I must say it was one of my best decision, This VPN does have every feature which I want in a VPN.A good Encryption and a widest range of VPN servers in more than 140 countries. And because its great UK VPN Server I can easily watch UK shows here in the USA.
I am using Windows 10 PC these days. I previously have been using Nord VPN and these days I am trying a new comer in the market: Surf Shark, so far so good. It is also cost effective so I am giving full try to this. Obviously, one would hardly go for new comes but SurfShark looks committing, along pure vpn, nord and express vpn.
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