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WTS Baikal Quad, Cube crowdfunding...?

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Hey guys,

So, I've been talking to Baikal lately about the Quads and here's an update:

1. Priority is bulk orders not individuals.
2. Possibility to give discounts in bulk orders.

So, they're saying that they have stopped taking orders through their main website due to shortage in the supplies. The main reason is that big companies like Genesis mining and other businesses are clearing the shelves as soon as they're available...

It is easier and less work to move them in bulk than selling them one by one to an individuals. So, I was wondering if you guys want to start a crowdfunding program to get the Quads?

I'd like to hear some feedback from you guys. Also, please participate on the poll at the top of this thread. Thanks.
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I would def buy 1 maybe as many as 3 if I can get the funds together soon enough. I'm guessing you would want BTC? Would rather use PayPal or CC tho. How would you set up the group and ensure we all can track our purchase/funds? Great idea!!

Unfortunately I don't accept PayPal since they like to protect the buyers more than the sellers and I don't like that. There are many ways to keep track of the people who want to buy them. that's no problem.
Hey Jason - when do you think Baikal will start shipping their quads? Need to get my giants in first, but will probably be interested in some quads as well.
How much you need to get discount to a bulk order and whats the number to start a bulk order?
Great idea i am definitely interest in.(1-2)
How much you need to get discount to a bulk order and whats the number to start a bulk order?
Great idea i am definitely interest in.(1-2)
Baikal isn't offering any discounts at the moment even if you buy 200+ units. They don't need to with this demand and shortage in stock I guess.
I obtain quote from you in BTC then pay to your BTC address (PM Afterwards?)
Hi Flip, you can PM me before or after, it doesn't really matter =)
The BTC payment fluctuates so you'll need to calculate the total cost when you're sending the BTC to me at that current price of the BTC.

PM me with your:

full name
phone number

Thank you.
Hey Jason. I sent you an email thru your website. I am def interested!
Yes, I remember replying to your email yesterday =)

Jason, need 2 quad cubes. Please count me in.
Will do. Please note that I'll need the payment upfront if you want to reserve them in advance. The reason is, I speak to too many people and can't keep track of who wanted them and can't actually count on their words all the time since there are still some people who wanted me to reserve their Giants and never paid for them, this either delays the shipping process for those who had paid since I'll need to contact the ones who came to me first to reserve their machines... So, it's first come first serve now. Once the payment has been made, I'll record your information and process the orders.

I hope you understand. Thank you.

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