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WTS Baikal Quad, Cube crowdfunding...?

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Yes, I remember replying to your email yesterday =)

Will do. Please note that I'll need the payment upfront if you want to reserve them in advance. The reason is, I speak to too many people and can't keep track of who wanted them and can't actually count on their words all the time since there are still some people who wanted me to reserve their Giants and never paid for them, this either delays the shipping process for those who had paid since I'll need to contact the ones who came to me first to reserve their machines... So, it's first come first serve now. Once the payment has been made, I'll record your information and process the orders.

I hope you understand. Thank you.


Got it, when is the expected time of shipment?

This is the address where payment must be made, 12M7ivp8SKynJS8BE8FdLURYMW62KyYVcT , right?
Yes, that's the address and I keep changing them whenever I for security reasons.
The expected shipment time is not known at the moment. I am keeping close contact with Baikal and he is saying that there's no set time for them to receive their batch at the moment but will let me know once they do. Once you pay for it I'll have it shipped out to you as soon as possible.

I am sorry to tell you but you are scammed by false baikalminer account on Skype. Real account is: baikalminer and header of profile in Skype looks like this:

You are scammed by this FALSE Skype account from Shangai :

Oh no. They are BOTH in on the Scam! I did skype the real one April 24 and ask for help and was ignored. Then the other Baikal guy helped me and took my money. Today, the real Baikal skype me and pay stupid. Before I sent the botcoin to the fake guy, I emailed [email protected] to confirm I am talking with the right guy and they confirmed and said go ahead and sent BTC payment for the upgrade.

Can you upload your all email conversation with [email protected]?
See more skype from Baikal how they SCAM ME!!!

I saw all your conversation with fake and real Baikal account on Skype. Can you upload photo that confirm this yours words: "I emailed [email protected] to confirm I am talking with the right guy and they confirmed and said go ahead and sent BTC payment for the upgrade."
From: Dan
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2017 11:05 PM
To: 'baikal'
Subject: RE: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复: 回复:(无主题)

Sorry my ASS!!! If you were a legitimate company, you would feel bad about sending me a defective unit and concern on how to fix this for me. Yet you send me to skype and let me get ripped off for of $4676.02. And now a month later, you say you know nothing about this. I’m pretty sure now that you are in on the Scam too! You are a dishonest low Chinese scumbag. You are a CROOK! I trusted you guys and now you stole my hard earn money $4676.02. I know I cannot get my money back because all you take is dash, bitcoin and ethereum. I’m pretty sure there is no way to get my BTC and ETH coins back. But from now on, I will spend my time to post on the internet and let the world know what a CROOK you guys are. I hope you die and rot in HELL!!! Hopefully everyone can read this and stay the HELL away from Baikal Miner !!!

Where is message from them? This is yours reply.

As I thought. You don't have any proof of SCAM from official Baikal. You are scammed by FAKE profile because you were not careful and you have not checked and collected enough information about SCAMs and about official distributor and their contacts before buying some miners. I am sorry for that. As far as your previous message that proves everything i thought. I wanted to help you but you are proved what kind of person you are. I require your permanent BAN from this forum from Moderator.
Oh WOW! You rip me off close to $5000 and now you want me ban from this forum so people don't know what you did to me. Even till now, you're not one bit concern about sending me a defective unit and how to resolve the issue. I have reached out to you on Skype in the beginning on April 24, 2017 and you ignored me until today. The other Baikal skype me back and offer to help. You even said you forward your after sale staff to help me. If you are a real and honest company, you would help me on email when I reached out to you for help from the very beginning . But yet you sent me over to skype to look for you and then warned me to be very careful looking for you on Skype because there are tons of Baikal scammer on Skype. How the HELL do I know which one is the real Baikal and which one is a fake? And if you already know that there are people on skype that will scam us on there, why do you still insist to send your customer to skype to be scam? And then after they are scam, you take no responsibility at all but say sorry bad luck to me on finding you on Skype I should be more careful next time. Everyone who read this will know your method is either so stupid the way you handle your customer or you are just in it on the scam too! The moderator on here should BAN BAIKAL on the Dash forum!!! BAIKAL GIVE DASH A BAD NAME!!! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE ALL THIS CRAP! Bottom line, if anyone are reading this and plan to use Baikal equipment to mine Dash, DON'T DO IT!!! You can mine other coin or if you still insist on mining Dash, use other hardware and software. Don't use Baikal Miner. Baikal Miner are a CROOK. They have the most shitty product. Their customer support SUCKS!!!! They take forever to reply back on email. They will send you to Skype to look for them for help and they will warn you to beware that there are a lot of Baikal scammer on Skype and if you find the wrong Baikal and they rip you off, Baikal will say sorry to you and better luck to find them on Skype next time. Man I can't believe I have been hustle and scam by Baikal. This SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! Lost almost $5000 in Bitcoin and Ethereum! After thinking about this, I'm pretty sure the real Baikal and all of the Fake Baikal scammer are all in on the scam! Shit, this really really SUCK!!! I can go on and on, but I'm tired now. Just lost a lot of money to these low life Chinese scumbag scammer! Fak, I should have seen this coming. Sending them almost $5000 coins and wishing, hoping and pray they will send you the product. And if they don't send the product, you can't do shit about it!

I don't have any relations with Baikal.I am just a regular member of this forum. I just wanted to help you and that truth came out. Truth is that I am sorry for your loss. Truth is that you offended me for no reason and that you deserved by the rules of this forum to be punished. You are looking for guilty person on wrong place. Baikal is reliable company, but you can write everything you wan't but truth is that you are scammed by pretender, which got easy money. Wish you luck in future.
First of all, watch your language. @boj001 has a legit point that you probably were scammed by some fake account. There is no way he or Baikal can refund you if you sent money somewhere else, so no point to offend anyone here. Claiming that real company should refund such losses is nonsense.
Secondly, file a paper to legal authorities if you can provide proofs and hope they can contact Skype to find the real person behind this fake account. Otherwise, there is nothing anyone can do because that's how scams work - they pretend to be legit account/company and then just run away with your money.
I'm sorry but why is this guy calling US (Dash forum) the scammers....?? I've read all his posts since he has spammed them all over my posts and even on my profile.. I understand where he's coming from but I'm not Baikal.... I sell them but not even a part of them... I guess he's spammed on all of my posts since my post names are Baikal A900 Giant etc.

Anyhow... I feel sorry for this guy since he has his money stolen /scammed by scammers...... That would be the worst feeling..... Some might say $5k isn't much but to some people it's a lot of money.... @Danny have you returned your Giant back to them? Maybe we can fix it up and at least have a miner working for you to get a little bit of your money back...

Are there any news regarding date of releasing new batch of quad qube?

Best regards.

I hear that small batch will be available at the end of may. But previous batch in the April was sold for less then 4 hours.
Sorry, there is no updates on the new batch at current time. As ilia_2s stated, they're getting sold out left and right as soon as they're getting released... =/
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