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Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

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Hi all,

Now that the Evo protocol design is pretty much complete and implementations are running on DevNet I feel my main work in Core is done and I met my commitment to Evan that I made back in 2016 to help move Dash beyond raw, hard to use payments to solve a mainstream, usable, scalable and economical cryptcurrency for the future.

With BU, DML and the Platform designed and running on Dev Net for the MVP version and LLMQ coming later, i'm happy with the results and also with devs like UdjinM6 and Codablock on L1 and Shumkov and Anton and Werner on L2 taking the protocol design forward, and i'm always available to them to input on future protocol design, but I believe the underlying architecture for mainstream adoption is there for the foreseeable future, through creating new use-cases for Dash currency that are hardly obvious to most people today, and that these devs through working together can take that forward better than I can personally.

My main focus now after some downtime will be on creating DAPs for Evolution in some new flexible and creative capacity, i.e. writing DAPs and helping others to write DAPs, as its killer DAPs that will be the key to mainstream adoption of Dash currency by providing new incentives and reasons to signup, integrate, use and monetize with Dash online as a differential to centralized payment alternatives. Once that has traction, it will lead to a critical mass of Dash ownership to then warrant uptake within the larger financial system and commerce markets and actual mainstream payments.

It's been a pleasure and I feel privileged to have worked with so many smart and talented developers, I believe the dev team is the best in the space and provided they can appreciate and stay focused on Evan's vision which is embodied in the current Evo design, I believe we have the potential to grow a usage and usecase base much bigger than is imagined today with the current crypto space through which increased decentralization and personal independence in all aspects of people's lives can only be a good thing, and I remain fully committed to that larger goal.


Andy Freer
Andy it was a pleasure to have you as the architect guy of Evo.
Great to know what is your next focus and that you stay around.
Thnx for all you did so far!
I appreciate the commitment, the accomplished work, the faith in the project, and the vision for the next step. Go create that killer DAP!

And hey, this sounds like pretty solid confirmation that Evolution will launch in real life within the next couple months.

We wish you all the best. May I post this to Reddit DashPay?
I did not realise how fully I appreciated all your efforts until I saw this post pop up on my phone; misinterpreted it as you leaving the Dash-verse entirely and appreciated what your absence would feel like. As with a handful of your colleagues you in a way ARE evolution after all :( you have been appreciated Sir. Good luck in all your endeavours (as long as they are Dash related ;))
Andy, on behalf of Dash Force and community I offer my deepest gratitude to your extensive contributions, the vital role and direction you have blessed Dash with. You have made monetary history. Dash would not be what it is today without your efforts and dedication. I'm pleased to learn after some well deserved downtime you will continue to expand the eco-system in this next chapter for Dash as DAPs are crucial to Evolution success. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. My door is always open to you. Thank you.
Thanks Andy! Can't wait to see what you do next, and for this current work to go live :D Good luck and always have fun!!!
@AndyDark Appreciate all that you’ve done to bring Dash to the cusp of launching something really special, that has the potential to change the world as we know it. To hear that you are going to remain on the cutting-edge and start to develop apps that will be able to take advantage of this work is fantastic. Please use your knowledge of Dash’s systems to create top-notch Dapps that will inspire others to contribute their skills to Dash as well.

Cheers, man.
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