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Android Wallet for Dash Beta Testing [closed]

I have posted this new version of the App to Google Play.

The google play listing still will have some old graphics and screen shots. Those will be updated soon.
Upgrade to new version and short cut replaced : checked
Display : all digit settings result in truncated 4th digit now apart from the 2 digit settings (on 480 by 840)

Receiving coins: I sent in 4 small transactions... although the total balance is showing correctly, one of the incoming tx is missing in the list and the transactions have still not been confirmed in the phone after 40 minutes.
I reset the blockchain and the entire balance was wiped out(previous version kept it?) thought I'd lost it but 10 minutes after, its come back and the missing 1 transaction of 4 has now appeared and all appear but all are still unconfirmed.


More glitchy than version 2, don't like how I sent a transaction and it was added to the balance but did not show up.
After 1 hour, the transactions are still showing as unconfirmed!
I would like the disconnect button brought back somehow, how are we to shut it down otherwise without going into the apps settings somewhere.

Something about this version my phone does not get on with, I would prefer to roll back to previous version(r2), in fact I may delete this version!

Added: finally confirmed after 1.5 hours, the phone appears hot, don't remember that before!
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These results are very interesting. The only difference between Release 2 and 3, is that the options menu does not contain a "Disconnect" button in version 3. No other code changes were made. I will repeated the same test and all four of them have started confirming.

"Disconnect" was removed because it doesn't work reliably, in fact it was removed from Bitcoin Wallet over a year ago for the same reason. I go to the app switcher to close the app by swiping it off the screen. Any android device with a version higher than 4.0 has this feature. I do this to close many other apps that I use on my devices.

The bug you are reporting is common among Bitcoin Wallet and all of its clones due to the underlying bitcoinj (Java Library). It has a weakness in that sometimes it misses transactions. After this a blockchain reset is required. Resetting the blockchain requires a lot of power, since it is verifying every block that comes through in a short amount of time and other users have reported that their device gets hot. This is a problem that I hope the bitcoinj developers will fix soon, it is currently beyond me.
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