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0.12.1 update: Error when trying to start Sentinel

Make sure you started daemon AFTER you copied/configured dash.conf - try "dash-cli getinfo" - should get you a similar error.
If that is the case:
- rename dash.conf to smth else "mv ~/.dashcore/dash.conf ~/.dashcore/dash_.conf"
- stop daemon "dash-cli stop"
- rename dash.conf back to it's normal name "mv ~/.dashcore/dash_.conf ~/.dashcore/dash.conf"
- start daemon "dashd"

Wait for it to finish syncing and try to run sentinel again.
I started the deamon after the configuration. The deamon is running correctly and is synchronized. "dash-cli getinfo" works ok.
Was trying to build a new masternode from scratch and got the following error when trying to setup sentinel:

venv/bin/python bin/sentinel.py

[Errno -2] Name or service not known
Cannot connect to dashd. Please ensure dashd is running and the JSONRPC port is open to Sentinel.​

@chaeplin suggested me to look for any special characters in the rpcpassword in dash.conf file and voula! I had put many symbols there...
Changed the password by removing special characters and now sentinel is doing fine. Many thanks to @chaeplin for helping me on this issue,
Zombie thread sorry, but i ended up here from searching this error. I accidentally typed "rpcusername=XXXX" instead of "rpcuser=XXXX" in my dash.conf and i was getting this same 401 error from sentinel but querying dash-cli worked fine and other symptoms were the same as above. Hopefully it helps someone who maybe did the same thing and is bashing their head against the keyboard.