Your feedback: Trustless Dash, Perfect Prices, and Dash-Back++


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Apr 11, 2018
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You know Anypay.
We are the Dash-Back guys. The Dash Car guys.
Our Point of Sale processes thousands of Dash payments in over a hundred verified retail businesses in a dozen different countries.

Since our mission is to spend crypto everywhere we go, you can be confident when you walk into a store that has Anypay. Our live charts un-fogs the mystery of who is really spending Dash, and how much. Our interactive map gives you total clarity about where Dash is being used at retail, and where it is not.

Now, here are 3 ways Anypay's supremely amazing Dash experience could be even better for merchants and customers:

1) Dash users loooove Dash-Back.

Dash-Back turns people from hodlers into spenders for a small price. Customers who shop using Dash at businesses using Anypay get instant rewards. The reward fluctuates but is generally 10% of the sale price, up to $5. So when you buy a candle that is $10, you get $1 of Dash right back into your wallet. If you buy dinner for $50 at a restaurant, you get $5 back. If you pay for a month of yoga for $100, you still only get $5 back because that is the upper limit. Customers love Dash-Back because it gives them an extra reason to use Dash instead of a credit card or other crypto. Anypay has given away almost 100 Dash through the life of this program, and the effects have been undeniable. People use Dash more when they get a bonus. It also generates good feelings around using Dash. And merchants love it because they get more customers coming in to spend Dash. More info about Dash-Back.

Pickwick's Mercantile, Portsmouth, New Hampshire​

2) Make Dash trustless, even more like peer-to-peer cash for retail.

Extended public keys (xpub keys) allow for Dash users to send payments directly to merchants without needing their personal phone or going through a 3rd party. Right now, merchants setting up Anypay provide a Dash address. Then Anypay forwards the payments. It works great, but Dash has the technology to do this the right way. This proposal will add support for xpub keys so that Dash payments on Anypay are trustless.

Delialamentos Express, Maracay, Venezuela​

3) Seamless experience for users, same price in every Dash app, wallet, and retail business.
The price of Dash is volatile and varies quite a lot from exchange to exchange. To give users a better experience, the official Dash wallets use a special API to universalize prices around the world. This ensures that when a customer goes to pay for something, and the merchant requests a specific amount, the price in terms of fiat matches in the customer’s wallet. In the spirit of providing the best user experience for digital cash, this proposal will make it so that Dash users paying a merchant using Anypay sees the exact same price on their wallet as what is being requested.

Mr Wolf's Pub, Bristol, England​

Anypay is on track to activate 1000 merchants this year. A small investment by the Dash community will guarantee the Dash experience is second-to-none. Trustless Dash payments, reliable Dash prices, and Dash-Back shopping bonuses will empower Dash ambassadors around the world with the professional tools they need to activate and retain new merchants.


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