Why is my hashrate so low?


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Oct 19, 2015
So I have been mining for a while now and not getting near the amount of rewards that I had suspected. I am using ccminer on Ubuntu with 3 GeForce GTX 750 Ti cards. I am connected to Suchpool, my hashrate is usually between 10 MH/s and 13 MH/s and I am received about 1.5 dash-per-month in earnings o_O

Does anyone have any experience going into CUDA to overclock the gpus, or otherwise change the settings? Or is there another miner program I could use that would get me a better hashrate. I know about wolf's binaries and such but I thought those were for AMD cards.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated. If not I think I will have to turn off the miners because I probably wasting electricity.


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May 20, 2016
With gpu's it isn't profitable at all to mine DASH because ASIC miners are released to the public. Better mine ETH with gpu's, sell them and buy DASH :)
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