Where Can I use DASH in the future? And about Masternodes.


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Mar 18, 2017
Is there any reason to believe that Coinbase may start accepting DASH?
Will the DNMs start accepting Dash soon?

Also, are masternodes something that is specific to DASH and not used in other currencies like ETH and Monero? From the reading I have done I've found that those who have a Dash Masternode get coins just by holding on to the node. This obviously incentives holding onto DASH rather than selling it.

How do people make money just by having a masternode? Do other currencies have Masternodes?

TLDR: Why is DASH going to eventually take over as the #1 cryptocoin?


May 16, 2015
Costa Rica
I love Bitcoin. Bitcoin was my passion for a while, but Bitcoin has two major problems that cause Bitcoin to be not nearly as effective as it could be. Two reasons Dash will overtake Bitcoin as the dominate crypto-currency on Earth for payments and as a store of value.

#1 Goverance model. Bitcoin cannot improve upon itself. I am a staunch libertarian but I am not an anarchist and this is what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is so libertarian they don’t even build roads because they cannot agree on how they should agree to build the roads.

In more simple words, Bitcoin cannot improve upon itself unless 99.9% of everyone agrees. If any controversy at all, Bitcoin will not enact it. Right now Bitcoin has reached its max due to a 1mb transaction limit. Obviously while they figure out what to do they should raise this to 2mb. But they cannot agree how to raise to 2mb and you get called a government controller if you say “just do it”

Dash can “just do it”. How? We came up with this crazy new original concept. It’s called voting. If you have 1000 Dash, you can form a masternode. Each masternode gets one vote in all elections. To enforce the will of these votes, we use the one proven method. Money.

In Bitcoin 100% of the newly created Bitcoin goes to miners for processing transactions and ensuring the stability and security of the Bitcoin network. In Dash, we give 45% to the miners. 45% goes to the masternodes. 10% that is left then goes to the governance enforcement mode. We vote and then pay developers or others to enact the will of the majority.

#2 Transaction wait time. I’ve waited three days for a Bitcoin transaction to be confirmed. Three days! In Dash you can send instantly and you know it will be confirmed. The person receiving those funds can then not re-spend those funds until that transaction is confirmed, but you know for sure those funds are solid and cannot be reversed. This means you can have a vending machine and accept Dash. With Bitcoin you’d have to wait for 6 confirmations meaning one hour before you get your soda. Not practical.


Dash is not perfect and can improve upon itself. But right now Dash is the best coin on the market. If Bitcoin enacts these two proposals then I fear Dash is probably finished as no reason to ever leave Bitcoin. However Bitcoin will probably never be able to do this.

Thus Dash will overtake Bitcoin. Expect Coinbase and Bitpay especially to move their merchant collections to include Dash soon.
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