When MN operators get richer than Croesus


Jan 29, 2017
This is similar to Ricardo Temporal's Dash Dollar post, but more ambitious.
I think it is a pre-pre-proposal.

Why this ppp?
Because of this pitch, written up in WhitePaperPoverty-0.0.1.pdf which is stored in this directory:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wNyjO8pR3Ex0OTIfawxg9V9XdzW0hgfA. If I’m right, if this pitch is hired out to professionals, the best in the business, it may be sufficient to persuade WTPOTuSA (We The People of the united States of America), to co-operate, in a peer to peer fashion, to purchase a supply of $4.5T USD worth of dash, and to begin paying Our bills in dash, and to operate masternodes, and vote on budget proposals.

How to get that to happen?
I claim that the story is sufficiently compelling to not only persuade 99% of WTPOTuSA to come together and instruct their treasurer of the uSA to do the buy, but to also persuade We The Passengers of Spaceship Earth in general to lend them the needed USD. The story uses the history of the USD to show how WTPOTuSA are the sovereign who control those USD, and that we have the means and the motive and precedent to change them, and that the method We ought to use is to purchase a one year budget supply of dash, operate master nodes, and vote on budget proposal responses to an RFP (Request For Proposal) that uses the requirement set listed below.

What is your job?
As seen in the white paper, the scheme being plotted is to form a company that will record on a block chain, which I envision as being a fork from dash, if that is practical, the amount of ecosystem services rendered by the land of any given land owner. The company right now only consists of Mr. Gold, who is hoping to get paid by way of the large run up in value of the dash ledger. His job title right this minute is head cheerleader, duties including plotting and scheming, and writing. Your job, should you accept it, is to provide constructive criticism on the parts where technical and economic details of the dash DAO are discussed. And anything else you can do. The nascent company, tentatively named Mint, needs your help. Perhaps you have suggestions for the FAQ.

Thank you for your time.

Mr. Gold

P. S. If you have any constructive thoughts on next steps feel free to share, assuming you think it is a viable project. As of right now I think my own next project is a small video series, and as of the date of this posting I have not posted this anywhere else. I'm putting a link to it on discord and reddit. Assuming I'm not persuaded to give it up so I can do something useful with my life, there is the possibility that the nascent company may have to approach venture capital. Not completely sure right this minute how to do that, although I have a memory of seeing an article by a VC who may be receptive.

<<< Requirements for the new money >>>

% [E1 (T0)] The money shall do good.\\Assumptions/rationale: Self evident.\\Parent: Us Spaceship Earthicans.

% [E2 (T1)] The money shall reduce poverty.\\Assumptions/rationale: Reducing poverty is self evidently good.\\Parent: E1.

% [E3 (T1)] The money shall reduce crime.\\Assumptions/rationale: Reducing crime is self evidently good.\\Parent: E1.

% [E4 (T1)] The money shall reduce environmental degradation.\\Assumptions/rationale: Reducing environmental degradation is self evidently good.\\Parent: E1.

% [E5 (T2)] The money shall be scarce.\\Assumptions/rationale: Things used as money reduce poverty by providing useful price information to users, which aids productivity and therefore increases wealth. This is only possible if the number of monetary units is finite, or scarce.\\Parent: E2.

% m[E6 (T2)] The money shall be durable.\\Assumptions/rationale: Long shelf life for products used as money reduces poverty by helping to keep the amount of money in circulation constant, which aids in the production of useful prices. It also allows users to store it for arbitrary periods of time.\\Parent: E2.

% [E7 (T2)] The money shall be fungible.\\Assumptions/rationale: If each unit of a money is identical to all the others, poverty is reduced by eliminating the coincidence of wants problem. Deals are more difficult to make if each unit of money must be inspected to ensure it has face value.\\Parent: E2.

% [E8 (T2)] The money shall be divisible.\\Assumptions/rationale: Divisibility in products used as money reduces poverty by increasing the granularity of possible prices that can be discovered. This aids in competition, keeping producers honest, and therefore consumers wealthier.\\Parent: E2.

% [E9 (T2)] The money shall be easy to use.\\Assumptions/rationale: Ease of use reduces poverty by making commerce easier.\\Parent: E2.

% [E10 (T2)] The money shall be popular.\\Assumptions/rationale: Popularity is necessary for a product designed for use as money to provide value to its users. A money that provides value to its users reduces their poverty.\\Parent: E2.

% [E11 (T2)] The money shall consist of entropy in our living mother, the earth.\\Assumptions/rationale: If something from the land is used as money, then people can be expected to voluntarily remove it from the land. Removing entropy from the land is equivalent to adding energy to it in the form of healthy living beings, which constitutes a reduction in environmental degradation. Paying land owners for the removal of entropy with new money reduces poverty by moving all individuals closer to the new money and by creating new jobs.\\Parents: E2, E4.

% [E12 (T2)] The money shall exist in a free monetary environment.\\Assumptions/rationale: To ensure poverty, crime and environmental degradation are reduced, competition must exist. Free competition provides an environment that continuously improves product quality and reduces product price, and does not have a central point of failure .\\Parents: E2, E3, E4.

% [E13 (T2)] The money shall be initialised to provide all of the uSA national budget needs from national lands.\\ Assumptions/rationale: This will allow for repeal of uSA tax laws and therefore the elimination of the Infernal Revenue Service, which is a reduction in crime.\\Parent: E3.

% [E14 (T2)] The money shall be the new incarnation of the US dollar, formerly known as the thaler.\\Assumptions/rationale: We the People of the united States of America are bankrupt in our existing incarnation of Our US dollar, which consists of 1/35 oz Au. This bankruptcy is causing poverty and environmental degradation. Settling the gold bankruptcy and taking the logical step of transitioning to a money that simultaneously reduces both poverty and environmental degradation is most easily accomplished by making the new money into the new US dollar.\\Parents: E2, E4.

% The internal requirements to be used by Mint to manufacture a product which meets those requirements are (as you see this is where the dash network comes in):

% [M1 (T3)] The money shall be tracked on a fork from the digital cash (Dash) ledger.\\Assumptions/rationale: A fork from Dash is a low risk low effort way to meet the basic monetary requirements. With this method, WTPOSE get to have a hard money in the classic Dash DAL to complement the new, rate limited fork.\\Parents: E5, E6, E7, E8, E9.

% [M2 (T3)] The entropy removed from the earth shall be measured.\\Assumptions/rationale: Products intended for use as money must be scarce. Measurement yields a finite number, which is what makes the thing under measurement scarce.\\Parents: E5, E11.

% [M3 (T3)] The money shall measure the the entropy removed from the land by measuring the health of the beings living on that land.\\Assumptions/rationale: Healthy living beings remove more entropy from our world than less healthy ones.\\Parents: E11, M2.

% [M4 (T3)] The money shall measure the health of the beings living on the land by measuring the ecosystem services provided by them.\\Assumptions/rationale: Healthy living beings produce more ecosystem services than less healthy living beings.\\Parents: M2, M3.

% [M5 (T3)] The money shall measure the health of the beings living on the land by measuring their respiration.\\Assumptions/rationale: Respiration is one of the most important indicators of health.\\Parents: M2, M3.

% [M6 (T4)] The money shall consist of oxygen produced by living land.\\Assumptions/rationale: Oxygen produced by a given land parcel is arguably the most important ecosystem service and is a measurement of the respiration of the beings living on it. The respiration of plants and animals exists in a feedback loop. Because flow in one part of the loop is equivalent to flow at a different part, measurement of oxygen produced by plant people constitutes an approximation of the respiration of all the living beings on the land. Respiration is one of the most important measures of the health of a living being. \\Parents: M4, M5.

% [M7 (T4)] The money shall be scaled so that 1/50 of a US dollar shall be added to the ledger, in the entry of the land owner, for every gram of oxygen produced by her or his land.\\Assumptions/rationale: At initial uSA national budget and tree coverage levels, this will cause the nationally owned forests of the uSA to supply the entire national budget. Detailed calculation provided in section~\ref{gain_setting}.\footnote{This gain must be recomputed prior to initialisation of the new money if any of the assumptions are incorrect.}\\Parents: E13, E14, M2.

% [M8 (T3)] The manufacturer of the money shall commission an advertising campaign designed to persuade We The Passengers of Spaceship Earth to make all things designed for use as money free as in free speech.\\Assumptions/rationale: Since We the People are the sovereign of Spaceship Earth, this is the only way to eliminate Our monopoly on the production of things for use as money.\\Parent: E12.

% [M9 (T3)] The manufacturer of the money shall commission an advertising campaign designed to persuade We The Passengers of Spaceship Earth to transition the US dollar into a new dollar that consists of entropy removed from our mother the earth, scaled so as to initially supply all the budget needs of We the People of the united States of America.\\Assumptions/rationale: Products designed for use as money only provide value by being in widespread use.\\Parents: E10, E11, E13, E14.


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Apr 9, 2014
u lost me at :
“WTPOTuSA (We The People of the united States of America),”
not sure what that is , but remember we are a global currency
“fork of dash”
i think this should be under altcoins and not pre proposal !?


Jan 29, 2017
I was hoping to attract interest with the last part of the first sentence, where $4.5T worth of dash gets purchased by the treasurer of the USA.

WTPOTuSA is simply what it sounds like, meaning the official story, the citizens of the uSA (lower case u in deference to the case used in the Declaration of Independence).

Yes, the idea is to make dash a real global currency, not just the second or third stringer to fiat it is relegated to being in the world of tax and legal tender laws.

As detailed in the paper, the idea I had is to persuade WTP to purchase a one year budget supply of dash, initiate a one year tax jubilee, operate MNs, and vote on budget proposals for a fork from dash that meets the requirements. Since WTP is a public entity that is at least theoretically decentralised, it makes sense for Us to adopt a truly public, decentralised, and programmable money. Dash seems like the best choice since it has everything We The People need to pay our bills, meaning scarcity, durability, fugibiity, ease of use, etc.

Since this all involves a huge runup in dash network value, I thought it belonged here. The benefits are big enough that I think it is actually possible to accomplish such a seemingly impossible task. I apologise if this all is wasting forum resources.


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Oct 30, 2014
Seems a bit too much off the wall here as well but I'm interested to hear land plays a part. Only scanned through it so far but I'll read through how that works in a while because, as we're all well aware, cryptocurrency can cause huge disruption to taxation and land seems to be one of very few ways taxation can be re-implemented.

Not that I'm saying "yay, taxation ftw!!!", the damn stuff is disgustingly inefficient (why is everything subject to the laws of capitalism except government spending??) but countless people would suffer badly if taxation was suddenly made impossible.


Jan 29, 2017
The idea here is to scale the new USD so that entire USA central govt. budget is paid with newly printed money, in payment for ecosystem services rendered by those 251M acres of trees owned by We The People. Substitutes money collected by threat of violence with an inflation tax. It keeps the cent. gov. checks flowing and gets the revenuers out of our lives at the same time, while Dash and its fork get to become the new world reserve currency. And our living world gets healthier as land owners have financial incentive to keep theirs healthy.

I have to disagree about cryptocurrency causing huge disruption to taxation. The way its actually working out is that tax and legal tender laws are going to forever stifle crypto, since you always have to purchase fiat to give the revenuers their cut. This off the wall idea is a way for dash to do what all the dashy people claim to be trying for, which is increased usage of dash.


Jan 29, 2017
Here's another approach: Given the requirements set E1 through E14 above, a) is it possible to produce a product that meets those requirements? If they are correct, and if a product is manufactured that meets them, and if Dash is used as the stepping stone, then the ledger will experience a large increase in value, and will effectively become the new world reserve money.