When dash Masternode Operators become comfortably well off


Jan 29, 2017
I've completed a new improved rev of the white paper WhitePaperPoverty-0.0.11.pdf here: ttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1wNyjO8pR3Ex0OTIfawxg9V9XdzW0hgfA. In it, a way to pay land owners a certain price for their ecosystem services by using those services as money is described, along with the consequences, which will be to get the monkeys of poverty, crime and environmental degradation off our (humanity's) backs.

I'm posting this here because part of this idea involves political groups buying up big bucks worth of BTC, except not the prototype called BTC, but the ready for production BTC fork called dash. Anyway, submitted for your approval. The idea and its consequences are described pretty completely. The idea won't get anywhere stuck in only my head, so trying to get it exposure, and help.

FWIW if this helps persuade you to read, all the predictions made in the paper are based on what I've read of Austrian economics, and especially from The Ethics of Money Production by Hulsmann, Economics In One Lesson by Hazlitt, The Private Production of Defense by Hoppe and The Privatisation of Roads and Highways by Block.

I know, someone said that MNOs aren't going to get rich. And he or she is right. On the other hand, for this idea, the converse is also true. It's a self fulfilling prophecy, so whatever we decide is what will happen, and if we can pull off an idea like this, dash MNOs will literally get richer than Croesus, and smaller dash holders won't do too bad either.