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...wait, what?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by camosoul, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Sep 19, 2014
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    Woah, hey, wait up... You're purging the most important people? The people who need it most, and who set the best entrepreneurial example? the people who will have the best story to tell later? People who can afford a corporate footprint are the only ones allowed in?

    I realize DASH has had a "f*ck the little guy" attitude for a long time, but this is going waayyy too far with it.

    The best way to obtain DASH is to provide goods or services to someone who can pay with DASH. This means side-gigs, part-time jobs, "people willing to do odd jobs for DASH." Signing up for an exchange, and all the ridiculous government BS that goes with it, is a high-friction entry point that turns people away.

    Now you want to eliminate the low-friction entry point?

    I know you fake Libertarians (leftist snowflakes larping as libertarians) hate me for being non-snowflake, but I'll throw you a bone: You're partly right about me. I do want to get rid of poor people; BY CONVERTING THEM INTO NOT POOR PEOPLE. Purging people for not being a high-cost corporate footprint is the opposite of that, and the reason why you idiots think a Communinst welfare state is a good idea (but we're totally libertarianz, we swear), even when the very topic of this conversation comes from [current year] VENEZUELA.

    The cognitive dissonance is blaring like klaxons... The stupid is so loud it's giving me tinnitus...
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