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Mar 17, 2015
Dear Masternode Owners and Community Members,

Please see attached our Dash media coverage report for the period July 1, 2017 - October 31, 2017 This is the third month WPR using Cision's software, and they have introduced some updates that have improved the report. This month we have included new tabs that will help us gauge our monthly performance comparing and contrasting Dash with competitors "Bitcoin" "Ethereum" "Litecoin" and "Monero."

In the contract period, Dash was placed or mentioned in 8,614 articles. In attachment 1, you will find the Dash Media Placement List, which pulls media appearances that mentioned or featured the words "Dash" within the reporting period. The total reach of these articles was 9.46 billion views. Because the Cision software only allows a maximum spreadsheet limit of 5,000 entries, we have refined the attachment to show the most significant appearances.

In attachment 2, you will find the Dash Graphical Report, which contains an 8-page summary of our success during the contract period. The 8 slides are pretty self-explanatory, however, Slide 8 is a little difficult to read exact media hits per region. Because of this, I have provided the numbers of media placements by country below for your convenience.

In attachment 3, please find a sentiment report over the past four months showing the most significant positive and negative media appearances for Dash. What is interesting, articles with negative sentiment are not strictly negative about Dash.

Coverage by Country (during last 4 months)

United States of America: 6,554
United Kingdom: 229
Netherlands: 118
Canada: 164
India: 93
Australia: 93
Japan: 89
Germany: 67
China: 60
Guam: 50
Argentina: 35
France: 30
Poland: 30
Russia: 29
Singapore: 25
Austria: 24
Brazil: 24
Nigeria: 20
Malaysia: 20
Italy: 19
Venezuela: 18
Hungary: 17
Vietnam: 16
Switzerland: 13
Turkey: 12
South Africa: 11
Mexico: 10
Romania: 8
Czech Republic: 7
Bulgaria: 7
Sweden: 5
South Korea: 4
Ireland: 4
Pakistan: 4
Colombia: 3
Jordan: 3
Italy: 19
Taiwan: 8
Peru: 2
Bolivia: 2
Egypt: 2
Kazakhstan: 2
Bangladesh: 2
Portugal: 2
Thailand: 1
Panama: 1
Finland: 1
Greece: 1
Azerbaijan: 1
Uganda: 1
Lebanon: 1
Zambia: 1
Europe total: 632

To further assist with the project charter, I have answered the relevant criteria below.
Strategy Requirements Met:
[STRATEGY] - Developed a complete analysis on Dash’s overall messaging concluded with the improvements suggested implemented where agreed.

[STRATEGY] - A fully detailed media strategy for the Dash Evolution Project to be completed and approved by Dash.

[PRICE] - The average price of Dash is increasing during the course of project.

[PRICE] - The price of Dash is higher than 300 USD at the end of the project
No. The price of Dash is not currently over 300 USD, but the price per Dash was $169.34 USD USD on July 1, 2017 and it was $285.14 on October 31, 2017

[VOLUME] - The average volume of Dash is increasing during the course of project (Poloniex exchange taken as a benchmark).

[VISIBILITY] - At least 5 different media placements about Dash per month arranged by Wachsman PR and published in major crypto-media

[VISIBILITY] - At least 1 article / month about Dash (arranged by Wachsman PR) is published in major mainstream media

Wachsman PR representatives also provided our team with a lot of help and assistance during preparations to all events our team members participated (including Dash Conference in London, Miami2020 and many others).
I would like to thank our WPR partners for their hard work and engagement in supporting Dash and the Core Team in project development.

Overall I rate Wachsman PR services very high and recommend contract extension for the next quarter.

Thank you

List of attachments:
1. Dash Media Placement List: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/43778137/2017-11-03 - Attachment 1 - Dash Media Placement List.csv?api=v2
2. Dash Graphical Report: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/43778137/2017-11-03 - Attachment 2 - Dash Graphical Report .pdf?api=v2
3. Dash Sentiment Report: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/43778137/2017-11-03 - Attachment 3 - Dash Pos and Neg .pdf?api=v2
4. Wachsman PR Q3 Project Charter: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/...achsman PR Q3 2017 Project Charter.pdf?api=v2
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