Wachsman PR - Q2 project closure report


Dash Core Team
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Masternode Owner/Operator
Dash Support Group
Mar 17, 2015
Dear Masternode Owners and Dash Community Members,

It is my pleasure to present the summary from the last Wachsman PR project review made on 30 July 2017.
Here are some basic information about the project:

Period of Performance
Public Relations services stated on March 28, 2017, and were preformed till July 1, 2017

Campaign Objectives
Objective 1: Generate positive public awareness of Dash news and upcoming announcements within the
cryptocurrency community as well as the business, investing, technology and consumer audiences.
Objective 2: Position members of the Dash core team as subject matter experts in payments, blockchain and
technology, particularly Director of Finance Ryan Taylor and VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz.
Objective 3: Further dominate coverage in North American press, with an increasing focus on top tier
publications and television networks.
Objective 4: Infiltrate media in Europe, Asia and Latin America to gain further coverage of Dash and its

Proposed Services
1. Client Consultation
2. Content Creation
3. Media Relations
4. Media Engagement Training

Files attached below contain performance indicators related to the press releases supported by our partners from Wachsman PR.
  • Q2 Meltwater Dashboard.png - Dashboard with Q2 results
    Q2 Meltwater Dashboard.png
  • Q1 Meltwater Dashboard.png - Dashboard with Q1 results (to compare with Q2 results)
    Q1 Meltwater Dashboard.png

Let me share some highlights with you.

Media exposure:
- total: 1525(!) of Dash media mentions
- The spikes are caused by exclusive Dash publications followed by massive crossed-published publications (especially from Bloomberg, Fortune and other mainstream articles)

Potential reach:
- it equates to approx. more than 1.6 billion people clicking on the web pages with Dash publications
- to compare - total reach of Q1: 669 million.

- During Q2 we've had approx. 1000 mentions classified as neutral,
- 300 positives,
- 100 negatives.
We have learned that the tool used to create this measure (Meltwater) tracks sentiment quite poorly, but we can refer to the Sentiment widget in both Q1 and Q2. There were gains in positive mentions, gains in neutral mentions, and gains in negative mentions. However, we managed to track down all 95 "Negative Press" references for Q2, and found that there were almost none directly negative about Dash. In the attachment "Dash - Negative Press.xlsx", you can see all "Negative Press" relate to stories about price falls of bitcoin, the Ethereum flash crash, alternative investment hazards, gold and silver ups and downs, or coins with anonymity built in. There was only one article where Dash was in the same list as Monero and Z-Cash talking about potential cyber crime use:

We've made much better results in Europe:
  • Great Britain: 31 placements (Q1) --> 64 placements (Q2)
  • France: 15 placements (Q1) --> 59 placements (Q2)
  • Italy: 2 placements (Q1) --> placements 10 (Q2)
  • Spain: 2 placements (Q1) --> placements 18 (Q2)
  • Belarus 0 placements (Q1) --> placements 1 (Q2)
  • Poland: 0 placements (Q1) --> placements 8 (Q2)
and solid progress in other desired locations:
  • China: 19 placements (Q1) --> 24 placements (Q2)
  • India: 20 placements (Q1) --> 54 placements (Q2)
  • Australia: 4 placements (Q1) --> 141 placements (Q2)
  • Russia: 5 placements (Q1) --> 35 placements (Q2)

Advertising revenue:
We don't use these metrics however the equivalent of advertising in the magazines listed in the attachment would be 14.9 million

Here is a summary of key PR achievements done by WPR during the reporting period:
  • Forbes (43 million unique visitors on the site during the publication period)
  • Bloomberg (23 million unique visitors on the site during the publication period)
  • Seeking Alpha byline (3 million unique visitors on the site during the publication period)
  • ValueWalk (2.2 million unique visitors on the site during the publication period)
  • Dash Roadmap & Evolution Press Release - June 27th
  • Dash / Bitcart Exclusivity Press Release - June 5th
  • Bitcart ValueWalk Byline + many others
  • Support to the Opera Incubator Blockchain Industry Conference in Cork, Ireland on 22 April
  • Support to the Blockchain 360 IoT World in Santa Clara on May 14 - 17.
  • Support to Consensus in New York on May 22 - 24
  • Media Training for Robert Wiecko + partial media training for Andy Freer
  • Ryan Taylor Interview with Der Standard (IN PROGRESS)
  • Dash / ASU Sponsorship Press Release (IN PROGRESS)
  • Money 20/20 Event Support (IN PROGRESS)
  • Stockholm and Kiev Blockchain Conferences (IN PROGRESS)

The Core Team members are happy with the results of the project and decided to recommend an extension of the contract with Wachsman PR company for the next 4 months (to cover Money 20/20 conference period).