Wachsman PR - Phase II Closure Report


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Mar 17, 2015
Dear Masternode Network and Community Members!

Let me share with you a report after the second project phase with our PR partner - Wachsman PR.
Project duration of Phase II:
- Start date: 28 December 2016
- Planned end date: 28 March 2017

I am attaching the dashboard file for your review. Note: the dashboard is automatically generated from the WPR tool and should be used to indicate progress and trend lines.

2017-03-27-WPR-PhaseII-Dash Report.png

After the review we have observed:
- Consistent amount of hits with increased number in March due to the price appreciation
- Top tier publications are MarketWatch, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fortune and Huffington Post
- Neutral stories are the majority (we consider them positive)
- The negative was only 13
- Therefore we are quite happy about the sentiment
- The potential reach was extraordinary - 310MM over 3 last months
- The major focus is US, therefore next phases should be targeted to the broader audience
- Dash featured in the media on 643 occasions during Phase II. This, coupled with several top tier placements in Q1, means this has been the most successful period of our partnership together.

Finally, please see the below a summary of key PR achievements.
1. Dash / BitMEX Press Release
2. Dash / Bitfinex Press Release
3. Dash / Wall of Coins Press Release
4. Dash / BlockPay Press Release
5. Next 5 publications in progress
6. Dash has recently appeared in top tier publications like MarketWatch, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fortune and Huffington Post.

I am also attaching a link to the spreadsheet of major media placements for the reporting period for your perusal. These are media placements found purely through first-page Google searches during the reporting period.