Wachsman PR - March 2018 Project Update


Dash Core Team
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Mar 17, 2015
Dear All,

Let me share with you an update from PR activities done by Wachsman PR - an agency that works with Dash Core Group Inc. on public relations.
Please see below for the main takeaways from the report:

  • Total mentions for March were in-line with total mentions from February, though for much different reasons. While February kicked-off with widespread coverage of the Miami Bitcoin Conference networking event news, and quickly followed with a widely-circulated report about Dash as the new cryptocurrency for darknet vendors globally, March was a much less negative month in terms of Dash coverage:
    • Bloomberg article from Paul Ford on "Bitcoin is Ridiculous, Blockchain is Dangerous" was widely circulated, but was largely focused on the reporter's personal anecdotes from the broader industry
    • The Dash/Payza announcement from Money 20/20 Asia drove a coverage spike in mid-March; while the ensuing arrest of the Patel brothers less than a week later was unfortunate, coverage of the enforcement actions did not focus on Dash or other cryptocurrency integrations specifically- at most, they were mentioned in passing.
    • The announcement of Glenn Austin as Dash Core CFO, as well as the announcement of the Evolution patent filing, resulted in some industry coverage but was not expected to be a major driver of mainstream news. However, the Coinfinity announcement at the end of the month did help drive local-market coverage in German-language media.
    • The Coincheck-NEM hack in March drove mentions of Dash in Japan, due to speculation regarding the role of "privacy coins" in the aftermath of the hack as well as Japanese regulators position on them as they push to formalize the regulatory framework for exchanges in-market.
  • Interestingly, Litecoin appears to be losing momentum as part of the "bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin" trio that is routinely mentioned in cryptocurrency market analyses/news. While it does receive attention as a darknet vendor alternative, as well as its listing on Coinbase/GDAX, it appears that Litecoin may be losing momentum in news coverage due to its sagging value and lack of notable project developments/innovations.
  • Looking ahead to April, it will be worth monitoring the following trends:
    • Will coverage totals in the EU/APAC regions close the gap with U.S.-outlet coverage? We are exploring some potential data classification quirks which may be exaggerating the gap in Dash mentions between global markets- there is likely a gap in total volume, but ~8,000 mention gap between the U.S. and the rest of the globe is unlikely.
    • Will Litecoin continue sagging as a notable cryptocurrency in industry analyses?
    • Traction of the Joel/CNN Quest Means Business Segment, which aired in early-April
Please find March 2018 Coverage Report and Media Clips Report available under the following locations:

Dash March 2018 Coverage Report: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/...37/Dash March 2018 Coverage Report.pdf?api=v2
Dash March 2018 Media Clips: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/...778137/Dash March 2018 Media Clips.csv?api=v2

Thank you
Robert Wiecko