Tutanota Update: Security issue & Qabel




This letter I recieved from Tutanota.

Dear privacy-friend,

we need to inform you about an important security issue in Tutanota for Android 6 where your Tutanota password could have been stored in the cloud. This security issue only effects you if

  • you use Android 6,
  • you have not disabled cloud backups,
  • and you have stored your password in the Tutanota app.

Since Google has decided to backup all app data by default beginning with Android 6, your password might have been stored on their servers and compromised. The new Tutanota app version prevents this behavior. After updating the app, please change your password immediately. Read more about this on our blog.

Encryption for the World - Made in Hanover

Recently we have teamed up with Qabel to enable you to encrypt everything. Qabel is also based here in Hanover, and together we fight to stop the illegal mass surveillance online.

The Qabel team just published their first end-to-end encrypted service. Qabel Box (Open Beta), provides client-based online storage for Android and Windows Desktops and lets you get started right away with 2 GB of free storage. Given both people use Qabel, you can now easily share documents encrypted. Try the app, let encryption win!

Have fun testing Qabel. You can find like-minded people by publishing your Qabel contact via QR code screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag #Qabel_qco.

We wish you a nice Easter break,
your TutanotaTeam