The search for accurate prices (not cmc)


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Jun 11, 2019
I fancy myself as a bit of a trader, and I like trading Dash for some reason( was generally lucky with trades) but I am having issues finding a website where I can get accurate prices.Coinmarketcap is not exactly accurate, and I have found a few alternatives, (coingecko, coinpaprika), but the one that stuck with me the most is

They take their information directly from exchanges and don’t seem to have any complex algorithms running in the back.

They have a few established exchanges( Binance, Kraken, Coinbase etc) which basically dictate crypto prices, and their alert system is very useful if you don’t have the money for an exchange private API to let you know of price movements and when a coin has reached a certain price. They also seems to update their prices every minute or so.
So far I am quite happy with this platform, young as it is, but I am looking for other alternatives if you guys know any.

What other websites do you guys use for accurate prices?