The Core Team Thread Is Dead

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Apr 9, 2014
Why is the core team thread still closed to input???
It's not because it will clutter up anything, theres no action in any of the topics there; Obviously because theres only like 10 people able to post there in the first place.

We're loosing alot of valuable input just so the guys in there can feel special.
Merchant adoption thread for instance cant even receive input form merchants! good luck predicting their needs.

To be constructive, Can we have the same threads also posted in a contribution mode. So the core guy can have their special place all just for them to post in exclusively, and the community can also take part in those topics in open threads?

I noticed the section changed from 'community team' to 'core team' Im suggesting a community team would also be a good thing to have, like an open version of the core team.
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