Project is an asset to Dash.. we should all use it.


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Dec 16, 2015
I have been around using social networks since the original friendster, the original myspace, watch the transition to facebook and then reddit and so on and from what I can tell, this project is going to be exactly like the rest, and eventually will take much of the market share and grow into a decent platform before being surpassed by yet another more innovate setup.

Regardless, this is years down the road, and will be a slow process. So in the meantime we should be adding Dash information to every aspect and corner of the web, including competiting crypto currencies operating as a social layer of Bitcoin which WILL be needed at some point, Facebook is working for the govt and has been for years. Hell, from the beginning even.

I believe we all need to be cross posting our content to the platform at all times, the users are very crypto oriented and would be very succeptable to loads of Dash concepts, articles, websites and generally content overall.

So go sign up, check out the inner workings and start posting some of your Dash content there. We have mostly an empty presence and it could be drastically improved with little effort by a few key people.

Thanks for reading!

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