SPV scripts?


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Jan 4, 2016
Dash Address
I want to create scripts to crawl the DASH blockchain the same way Electrum SPV works. I want to know if there is a library that can connect me to public blockchains that can get the API such as getaddressbalance, getutxoaddress, etc. Remotely.

I want to be able to write a bot that can give me that information on a VPS without having to load a local copy of the blockchain in the VPS.

I have seen the option of blockchain third parties liek explorer.dash.org, cryptoid and others but I have found their API to be quite limited and too generic.

Update: I am not a super coder but I have seen the Electrum sourcecode regarding networking. They have a list of servers hardcoded and a bunch of functions to process these list. I wonder if its possible to get a list for DASH nodes.
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