WTS [service offered] Shared Masternode Service for most MN coins

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Dec 1, 2017
Hello community,

In the past few months I have found that running a masternode can be quiet profitable. Naturally I have invested in several masternodes, but due to my limited funds only operated nodes of coins with a lower collateral requirement until I decided to share a Vivo masternode and Crown systemnode (similar to a masternode) with other community members. My experiences have only been positive!

In case you find yourself in a similar situation, that you would like to own a (partial) masternode of a specific coin, but don't have the necessary funds (yet).
Here is a solution: I offer a shared masternode service, which allows you to share a node with like-minded coin enthusiast.

Note: Personally, I am particularly interested in sharing a GoByte and Memetic node.

Discord: https://discord.gg/CTjBtEH

Shared community masternode:
I am a sysadmin and I provide a shared masternode hosting service for most profitable MN coin.

The required masternode collateral to operate a node is split into 5 or 10 equal "seats". If for instance the masternode collateral is 1000 coins, the total amount is split into 10 seats, with each seat owning 100 coins. You can participate in the shared masternode by filling one of the seats. The profits of the masternode are then split evenly among all the seats.

I charge 1-5% of the seat value up front to cover the setup costs and I take 5% of the masternode profit. The shared masternode is entirely managed by me. I'll monitor and maintain the masternode, secure the masternode wallet and handle the weekly payouts to the individual seats. The only thing you have to do is to sit back and receive weekly payments.

An example:
Let's assume the collateral is 1000 coins, which is split into 10 seats. In order to acquire a seat you have to bring 101 coins (100 coins collateral share and 1% setup fee = 1 coin) to the table. For the sake of simplicity it's assumed that the node generates 100 coins this week. In that case your seat will earn 9.5 coins that week (100 coins – 5% fee = 95 coins, split evenly among the 10 seats).

You can withdraw your coins at any time, with a prior 3 days notice. The time frame allows me to fill your seat and keep the masternode running. If you withdraw your coins on any day except the payout day for that node you forfeit your share for that week.

Please note:
Your coins are locked for an extended amount of time, if you hold multiple seats in a shared masternode and would like to withdraw more then one seat at once. The extended lock time on your coins also applies if you withdraw multiple seats cross multiple shared nodes of the same coin. For every additional seat, the lock-time is increased by 2 days up to a maximum of 12 days. For instance:
2 seats = 5 days
3 seats = 7 days
4 seats = 9 days

Two exceptions are:
- You find someone to replace your seats
- You withdraw a full node (in most cases that’s 10 seats)

Should you recommend my service to a new customer and he/she decides to take a seat, I will happily pay you a commission (50% of the up front fee, "0.5 coins") on his/her first order. Just tell them to mention your name when he/she contacts me.

I use Discord to manage the shared masternodes, so its best if you to contact me there!
If you really consider participating in the service, it's advisable to have a strong password and two factor authentication enabled on your account.

Should you have any questions, remarks or suggestions feel free to checkout my Discord, post in this thread or just simply PM me.

Cold "solo" masternodes:
In case you have enough coins to fully found a masternode on your own, but you don’t have the knowledge or the resources to operate the node, I offer to run the masternode for you.

Note: Unlike the shared masternode, the solo masternode configuration does not require any trust, because the coins never leave your wallet!

The masternode is owned by you and managed by me. I will setup the node on my VPS and ensure it keeps running. I’ll also assist you in configuring your local wallet to enable the masternode. I ask 1-2% of the masternode collateral up front to cover the initial setup costs and charge 4-5% of the masternode profit (paid weekly) to maintain the service.

An example:
Let's assume the collateral is 1000 coins. In that case the setup fee is 10-20 coins. If the masternode earns 100 coin a week, the fee for my service is 4-5 coins that week. If the masternode does not generate any profits in a particular week, you don’t have to pay anything either!

Setup assistance:
Possible upon request.

Escrow service:
Possible upon request.

Coming soonish

- 13. Dec. 2017: Updated the conditions regarding withdrawal of multiple seats
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