September 2016 Budget Report

Ryan Taylor

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Jul 3, 2014
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The September budget cycle has seen a record number of proposals, and some fairly late in the cycle, but we appear to have a nearly complete budget. Below is an overview of September’s funding requests for the core team and community sponsored proposals that are currently passing. The next superblock is scheduled for block 531712, which should occur at approximately midnight (UTC) on Monday, September 5th.

If you have not already reviewed and voted on the proposals submitted throughout the month, there is still plenty of time to vote. Remember that votes must be submitted by the time the budgets finalize 24 hours before the payment cycle, so make sure to vote no later than Saturday to see your vote counted.

IMPORTANT: For those viewing the budgets on Dashcentral or dashvotetracker - Due to rounding, it may appear that the budgets are too full to fit any of the remaining community proposals. This data is inaccurate. Reference the table below... there is a smidgen more than 50.00 Dash left unallocated in the budget this month. If you voted against this proposal for fear of kicking out the Slack Tipbot proposal, this is not the case.

Ongoing Core Team Budget Items:

Core Team Budget - 1,176 Dash (ongoing)
Dash-Lamassu ATM Integration - 610.26 DASH (payment #9 of 12)

Core Team Budget Items:

Core Development - Electrum & Sentinel (Sept)
This proposal funds the ongoing support and maintenance of Electrum wallet and also provides support to the Core development team for Sentinel - 66.17 Dash

Core Development - 12.2 DashDrive Developers (Sept)
Funds sub-contracted developers to accelerate the Evolution development timeline - 355.74 Dash

Infrastructure - Datacenter (Sept)
Provides continued funding for cloud infrastructure and server hosting services - 51.73 Dash

Conference & Travel (Sept)
Provides funding for conference and travel expenses (primarily LaBitConf 2016) - 1044.10 Dash

Marketing, International Outreach & Promotion (Sep.)
This proposal continues international outreach funding and was expanded to include wiki and video translations - 211.87

Infrastructure - Liquidity Providers (Sept)
Ongoing funding for our PrivateSend liquidity providers to speed mixing - 27.98 Dash

Legal (Sept)
This proposal provides funding towards a legal opinion on Dash tax and liability issues pertaining to masternodes - 1,497.51 Dash

Dash ATM Master Compliance Program - Phase I
This funds the creation of an ATM compliance program in the U.S. that will create an incremental revenue source to the network - 748.99 Dash

PR Fall Campaign (Sept)
Provides funding for a public relations contract expected to run through the fall - 464.66 Dash

Evolution Development - Subcontractors (Sept)
Funds sub-contracted developers to accelerate the Evolution development timeline - 159.45 Dash

Other Community Sponsored Proposals Currently Slated to Fund:

Dash's Very Own YouTube Show
123.00 Dash (payment #3 of 3)

Dash on Warsaw Block meetup
23.00 Dash

HCPP Conference in Prague
80.00 Dash (payment #2 of 2)

Amanda & Pete Go to Atlanta
91.00 Dash

Dash to Adoption - 100 Businesses in 100 Days
333.33 Dash (payment #1 of 3)

Nairobi Cryptocurrency Symposium
10.00 Dash

Austin, TX Outreach + Sponsor Brave New Books Stage
100.00 Dash (payment #1 of 3)

Slack Tipbot And Community Engagement
225.00 Dash (payment #2 of 3)

Unallocated funds:

There are currently just over 50.00 Dash unallocated in this month's budget.

Complete Budget (as of current voting rank):

Note: USD conversion in the table assumes conversion rates noted in the new budget proposals (at the time they were submitted to the network). Core team budgets with durations over 12 months assume a USD exchange rate of $11.630 as of August 30th. Existing fixed-duration budgets use the exchange rate at the time of creation / approval. Exchange rate risk is carried only by the proposer of these budget proposals and not by the network unless otherwise noted in the proposal.


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Apr 23, 2016
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Thank you, @babygiraffe for that report. I would like to once again ask for support for my Multimedia Community Outreach proposal, which appears to have enough Dash allocated to be supported. I am looking forward to ramping up my efforts with your blessing! Thanks to all who have supported me so far.

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