Feb 8, 2017
Dear Ryan,

Thank you

I wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and all those who have lived the Dash adventure since its beginning.

And I hope that this will allow the newcomers to Dash to know a little bit about the history of Dash and your invaluable contribution.

I don't underestimate all the fallen contributors to Dash, but today is the day to share some of the history of Dash that you have written.

It would be funny if those who still know this expression knew where it came from.

DarkCoin was a bunch of geeky/dev/nanar idealists and hysterical enthusiasts from all over the world that Evan was able to get excited about.

It was a real good-natured mess.

Then you came from the corporate world of finance with experience, knowledge and expertise.

The original Dash community has always been a mixed bag, there were even two Frenchmen.
That was the time when we had time to talk directly with Evan.

For many in the community like me, you brought organization and sound management.

Dash has had its share of external challenges, but it's always the ones coming from the inside that are the most dangerous.

Darkcoin/Dash lost its leader.

This is an event that usually puts an end to a project.

You were able to face this existential crisis and allow Dash to continue.
With the support of active community members

The structuring began with the Dash Foundation and then an extraordinary innovation that can be understood in its revolutionary scope the Dash Corp Group

The first company in the world to be owned by a blockchain.

Because yes, it is the gift that you have given to this community to decentralize the company that manages Dash.

With your knowledge and contacts and financial arrangements, you could have taken over Darkcoin. But you are a man of conviction and have worked to keep Darkcoin independent.

Then you launched DIF. Again, to keep Dash independent.

This stretch that you and others in the community have built is a precious asset that you leave to us.

Some may criticize you for this, but you understood that Dash needed to be resilient and to be able to continue despite the loss of key community members.
Without losing its infrastructure.
Because others like you in the community understood the importance of being professional. Because the world of Blockchains is evolving and becoming more professional.

And I want all the current and future users of Dash never forget that you were a major craftsman who propelled Dash, from nothing, to the 5th rank of Blockchains.

I am proud to have been part of this adventure with people like you.

Criticism is easy but art is hard
Hats off to the artist

Most sincerely,

A community member


New Member
Oct 3, 2020
He took his salary and didn't keep some of the promises like delivering "evolution" on time.

I don't see Ryan doing anything for free, he just played his cards.

Sometimes correctly and others in my opinion, no.

With that being said, I wish him well away from Dash.
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