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Jan 14, 2020
Official site - Rexi .cc

For exchange we have available:

35 items of Cryptocurrencies

27 names of various Banks of such countries as Ukraine, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan.

7 different Payment systems in different countries

We are developing and the number of currencies for exchange will only increase.

Benefits of sharing with Rexi .cc:

1.Reliability at a high level: We never hold money. Funds are sent to your wallet immediately after the exchange.
2.Quick exchange: All exchange directions are carried out in a semi-automatic mode.
3.LOTS OF EXCHANGE DIRECTIONS: We make exchanges in more than 5000 directions.
4.100% exchange guarantee: Positive feedback confirms the quality of our service.
5.FAVORABLE EXCHANGE: We always have the most favorable exchange rate. And in this you can see for yourself by choosing the direction you need.
6.PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: You can earn money with us through our affiliate program.
7.Schedule: Around the clock, seven days a week, 24/7


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