Report: Dash Slack Budget Month Two


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Sep 5, 2016
We reached 800 users this past week. Thanks to everyone who is joining. More core members are joining as well, which is awesome. @tungfa joined us just this week. @coingun is a regular in the chat room, @babygiraffe is there answering all kinds of questions. Would be nice if more of the core team could hang out there more often.

Questions Slack Channel & Forum Thread:
We started a channel in slack called #questions where people can pose questions to the Dash Core team. These questions are regularly added to the Questions Thread on the Dash forums. Many core team members have answered questions already. The thread is one of the most popular on the forums almost reaching 1k views and 49 replies.

Charles Hoskinson Praises Dashbot:


The Dashbot Quiz feature has gone through some mild testing, we will continue testing the feature until things run a little more smoothly and then release it to the public channels.
25 Dash were sent to @naruby for his work on the dashbot.

Community Engagement:
15 Dash were sent to 9 slack moderators for their continuous daily efforts, such as; Creating conversation in the channels, tipping & welcoming new members, Publicly promoting Dash & the Dash Slack, helping new users with questions and answers, and providing resources for new & veteran users. The moderators were given the choice to do what they wanted with the 15 Dash. @TroyDASH @alexander @splawik21 @buster @Solarminer @InTheWoods @dash_advocate @elishagh1 @Macrochip

@Dashmasternode has stepped down from a moderating and @stevecash has stepped up.

15 Dash were sent to @buster to fill the @dashsun users account at various times over the month. The dashsun user account blasts rays of sunshine (dash tips) to all members who had previously sent a tip since the last sunshine.

Dashchat Logo Contest:

  • 1st: Raptor73 - 5 Dash

Dashchat Slogan Contest:
  • 1st @alexander - "DashChat, The Dash Discussion" - 3 Dash
  • 2nd @Poltergeist - "Dash Slack,The DASHing Community" - 2 Dash
Bumper Sticker Contest:
Winner - @drayah - 5 Dash

Bumper stickers were printed by mcptrman and have been shipped - Cost was 4.2 Dash

Activity Contest:
We will be rewarding 2-3 lucky Dash Slack users who are actively engaged in the chat room. The chosen winners will receive a Dash t-shirt and card personal shipped by Amanda B Johnson. The costs associated with this contest are estimated and will be taken from leftover month two funds.

Reddit Intro Post Job:
5 Dash was paid to @Poltergeist for writing an introductory post for reddit and other such places. The reddit post will be put up in a couple days.

We migrated to wordpress and have a new website thanks to @buster and @TheDashGuy - It's a basic landing page for now, @buster will be slowly working on updating the website.

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