Recommended way to run qt wallet through TOR on Windows


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Nov 18, 2016
Hi Guys,

I would like to know what the recommended way of running the full qt wallet on a Windows OS through TOR is.

I have tried two methods so far (with the latest TOR Browser running in the background):

First, I changed the settings in the wallet (under Settings/Network) to:
Proxy IP: port: 9150 and restarted the wallet.

I assume this is working as expected because running netstat shows all dash-qt.exe connections going to and the wallet synced - am I correct with this assumption?

The second method I used was to run dash-qt.exe with the command line parameter -onion= but when looking at netstat, no dash-qt connections are going through

as -onion is a valid command line option, why isn't it working as I expect?

Which is the correct or recommended method to use?

Thanks in advance
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