RC3 Delayed to Late June


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Mar 9, 2014
RC3 has been delayed to late June. We are testing the code extensively for quality assurance and we feel that releasing it on the 18th would be too rushed. We understand that this may cause frustration to some people, but we are absolutely sure that this is for the best.

Special thanks to user flare for his assistance in testing the software. He does QA professionally and having him in the team will make our code stronger.

Updated timeline

At this stage of development dates are fluid. This is our best estimation.
  • RC3 (Late June): Fully implemented Masternode payments (20% of each block), automatic checkpointing, fixes for network forking issues
  • RC4 (Late July): Improved anonymity and removal of 10 DRK Darksend limitation
  • Code Audit: We will release details on this as they become available
  • RC5: Address any security issues or major bugs discovered in the audit


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Jun 2, 2014
I'm an SDET focused on the Windows platform.
I have contributed the DarkCoin app for Windows Phone 8.

How else can I support the development / test efforts?
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