[Proposal] Reimbursement for Social Media-Based Outreach Campaigns


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Dec 22, 2015
Reimbursement proposal for the Dash payouts and additional labor costs incurred across 3 weeks of social media campaigns – from Wednesday, June 7 to Sunday, June 25.

If you'd like to know more about campaign turnout and what was learned, here's a summary from my partner Pete. Also, here is an image gallery of some of the participants. (Due to several factors, a 4th campaign will not be pursued.)

Week 1: #FirstDashWallet

- 1,438 participants (here’s the accounting, first tab on bottom left)
- 176 Dash (171 Dash paid out + 5 Dash in additional labor)

Week 2: #FirstDashWallet with country-specific signage

- 1,425 participants (here’s the accounting, second tab on bottom left)
- 152 Dash (147 Dash paid out + 5 Dash in additional labor)

Week 3 – Retweet article about the Dash DAO

- 3,398 participants (here’s the accounting, third tab on bottom left)
- 101 Dash (93 Dash paid out + 8 Dash in additional labor)


+ 429 Dash (campaign payouts + labor costs)
+ 5 Dash (proposal fee)
- 67 Dash (existing credit from last budget cycle)

= 367 Dash total

Thank you for taking the time to review and vote!

Vote from Core wallet:
gobject vote-many 577a8417857934f40568eead925f655c07f668a9e40a05fdfb7bd0826799208f funding yes
gobject vote-many 577a8417857934f40568eead925f655c07f668a9e40a05fdfb7bd0826799208f funding no