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May 28, 2014
Do you support DASH ATM systems such as proposed by Alt36? Do you like the idea to help make DASH accessible to the under banked and not just the people purchasing marijuana? I have been working on a similar offering
and I am ready for operation today without a need to build the device. If we are supporting startup companies focused on DASH please review my similar proposal we are focused on bringing a solution to all of North America and beyond. Starting withing New Jersey this will be the first “DASH bank” branch, where a person is there to help and guide people along the way. The machines will be property of DASH core and as they see fit can designate a new location or owner if desired after the first 3 months.

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The Problem:

Currently the problem is the same as atl36 proposes, purchasing Dash is near impossible for the
everyday person. Even for those who are familiar with digital currencies, one must often first purchase bitcoins
and then exchange them for Dash. If the end goal is mass adoption of the currency, this is a major problem.
Regarding the accessibility of purchasing Dash, this problem can be solved with a user-friendly in place Kiosk for anybody and everybody to access, including the non-technical, to be able to obtain Dash both safely and
with ease. I have spoken with BTC operators, there is much frustration around ease of using BTM at times. We must work towards incentivizing people and educating them on why and how to purchase Dash directly without first buying bitcoins. I don't think this will be happening in the dispensaries.

We want to make DASH Kiosks a reality to the people who don't step foot into the cannabis shops and are more of your every day average user, think gas stations, apple store, outlet malls, airports. Our solution aims to offer extremely low to zero fee Kiosk systems that will eventually be made accessible to any small operators throughout USA and into Canada and then we will branch out globally. I have partnered with Cogent Law and they are providing the legal frame work to move this forward.

The proposal includes an initial operation of a mall cart during two of the busiest months of the year for the months of Nov and Dec. This mall has one of the few Apple stores in the area and has a good amount of
traffic between new devices and people getting them fixed. This will allow us to educate literary thousands of shoppers and patrons about DASH while giving the Kiosk system a big marketing boost to help launch the 12 kiosk locally and to spread awareness of other DASH ATMs. While at the same time giving focus on the
compliance portion and testing compliance alerts while directly in contact with customers. This crypto thing is not just about money it’s also about people and teaching them each why this is important to society going forward. Once we can dial in our compliance reporting we can take this nationally and into Canada. To do this I would quit my full time job and go full on into this endeavor that I have already been working on part time for the past two years. This is a huge risk for me this is why I will be asking for 1 time funding to cover cost for the first three months of operation. During down time at the mall I will commit myself to review previous proposals and would be focused on DASH all day long.

I am ready with my product offering today right now there is no additional development time and I am approved for operation in NJ and prepared to start paperwork for the next state of operation. I am fully registered federally with FinCEN as a MSB and we have the General Bytes kiosk front end and back ends ready to go. Our AML / KYC EDD policy are under final review. And there are actually four machines that have been operational for the
past few months as we helped General Bytes identify some small bugs….

A mall cart would be rented and staffed for November and December and two DASH kiosk would be on display for use and teaching, staffed by yours truly to help guide and aid people in the registration process and the
understanding of what DASH is. The additional kiosks would be deployed in the surrounding areas and to accelerate the local interest I am also starting a local DASH meetup to help everyone along the journey.

We are requesting funding for the first 12 Kiosks, associated costs with operating them, additional development and operating costs and legal fees. The cost for operating include a staffed cart to educate and explain DASH in person will be priceless. It’s like a full time trade show with endless new customers. The twelve kiosks are required to allow us to scale quickly and continue this as a full time job as I would need to quit my regular full time job to focus on this and make it worth quitting my full time job. Our detailed proposed costs and funding request from the Dash network is listed below.

Requested Funding from Dash Network

1) ATM $11,000 x 12 $132,000
2) Technical Support/Testing $100 x 12 $1,200
3) AML/KYC Legal Compliance Fees $10,000
4) Cash Collection for first three months $3,000
5) ATM Manager Policy Management fine tune
$6,400 x 3 months $19,200
6) Operating and development costs $48,000
7) ATM Security/Maintenance/Upgrades $12,000
This proposal is a request for 635 DASH plus 5 Dash fee =640 DASH

If for any reason the kiosks are not ordered or not able to operate they will be returned to community. And there will be proof of placement. About37 LLC is MSB Registered with FinCEN Lic# 31000099106537
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