Proposal : Dash Atm network in different six places in France

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Sep 21, 2017
Who am i ?

My name is Luis Michal i'm 31 years old , I am French , I have been a trader for more than five years and also i'm working in supermarket And I am currently learning web design and development .


A proposal to install a Dash branded ATM in different six places in France .

France has a very low adoption rate for cryptocurrencies. This leaves an opportunity to be the first major accepted digital currency. Dash lacks fungibility for most users and has very low brand recognition outside of the cryptocurrency community .

The Problem

Currently, purchasing Dash is near impossible for the everyday person. Even for those who are familiar with digital currencies, one must often first purchase bitcoins and then exchange them for Dash. If the end goal is mass adoption of the currency, this is a major problem .

this problem can be broken into two issues that must be solved. First, a user-friendly system must be in place for anybody and everybody, including the non-technical, to be able to obtain Dash both safely and with ease. Second, with the user-friendly system in place .

The Solution

solution is to host the largest network of Dash ATMs specifically for making the purchase of Dash as simple as possible. Every decision made regarding the ATMs will be metric driven and we will have ATM managers that monitor/evaluate performance of each ATM, conduct market research for possible future ATM locations, and manage the throughput of each ATM to ensure the necessary liquidity is always available .

Unlike the current digital currency ATM owners, our business model is not to charge ridiculously high fees that end up making the purchase of digital currencies from an ATM very costly and unattractive. Working towards our purpose of mass adoption of Dash, we will be charging very low fees to use our ATMs. Additionally, revenue generated from the ATMs will be directly reinvested into our ATM network solution. This includes, but is not limited to, purchasing more ATMs, hiring more ATM managers/business intelligence analysts to track metrics and evaluate performance, and increasing the cash/Dash reserves to add more liquidity to the network of ATMs .

Why should Dash fund this ?

Dash would be branded on the machine. Giving potentially tens of thousands of Dash users easy access. The machine would be BTC enabled but Dash users would have a 2% lower fee for the first few years. Part of the grant would be to prepay the lower fees and part to secure a premium location. With a higher rent means more exposure. Plus, Dash logos on the machine would be permanent. An advertisement that would pay for itself many times over .

Cash to Dash is currently enabled on all General Bytes machines. The sales office informed me Dash to cash would be available in the coming months, most likely summer. The graphics would be installed by the manufacturer so you can be assured of the quality of the Dash logos .

Requested Funding from Dash Network

1) ATM $13,000 x 6

2) Technical Support/Testing $160 x 6

3) ATM Legal/Compliance Fees $6,000

4) ATM Manager & Policy Management $3,500 x 2

5) Initial Development Costs $15,000

6) Developer Security/Maintenance/Upgrades $3,000

7) Proposal Fee 5 Dash

Total Dash Contribution for Proposal in USD $109,960

Total Dash Contribution for Proposal in Dash 389 Dash

*Based on Dash/USD Conversion Rate as of 12:30 pM MST on 10/30/2017


Jun 27, 2016
Dash Address
if seen ~-3- 5 ATM Proposals alreddy and one in France you hold DASH meet ups to educate people how big is your Comunity ?
2. Why you need to start with 6 and not 1
3. How much france People know about DASH how big is your Market?
4. Who you targeting with your ATMS?

with no reputation no comunity affort you asking for ~389 DASH from the Tressury

We have here in my local Aerea like 3 BTC/DASH ATMs from a Company and thats there Buisnes model and not from DASH Proposlas i dont think that we need to fund our buisness Model

sorry no from me so fare


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Oct 18, 2015
Parts of this proposal were lazily and/or scammily copy-pasted from at least one previous proposal (alt36). Ugly!


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Oct 18, 2015
Another thing:
Proposal: « My name is Luis Michal i'm 31 years old »…
@Dindo098 's profile page: « New Member, Male, 28 »…

Is it what French calls foutage de gueule ?

Conclusion: Merci de ne pas nous prendre pour des cons.


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Mar 27, 2017
We had some proposals of this kind and they all failed to deliver on time. So unless you can prove that you have all the legal stuff done already and signed agreements for locations to put the ATMs I will have to vote no.